Schools guide

Discounted fares for school-age children

School-aged children get a 50% discount on the adult fares (except after midnight services) when using Snapper with a child concession loaded, train tickets, or cash. We recommend registering your child's Snapper card(external link) in case it gets lost.

What to do before school starts

There's a lot to do when preparing for a new school term, especially for new students. We encourage parents to read your child's school newsletter or school website for any important information for bus riders.

Riding the bus to school

We're committed to ensuring your child's safety on public transport, and expect all passengers to treat each other and the driver with respect.

A-Z List of Schools

If your school is not listed here, use the Journey planner to see your options for getting your child to school.

Last published: Wednesday, July 14, 2021 at 2:12 PM