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Bus Tickets

If you use the bus regularly, the most cost-effective option for travelling on Metlink buses is on your Snapper card,...

Train tickets

If you catch the train to work or school everyday purchasing a monthly train pass or a 10-Trip ticket is...

Harbour Ferry tickets

Metlink harbour ferries provide services between Days Day, Seatoun and Queens Wharf.

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Bus and train fares are based on the number of zones you travel.

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Snapper for buses

Snapper is an electronic payment card for your Metlink bus travel around the Wellington region.

Where to buy your train tickets

You can buy Metlink train tickets from selected stations and ticket agents.

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Child/School concessions

This is available when using:

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Tertiary Concession

If you’re an eligible full-time tertiary student you will receive a 25% discount off the peak adult Snapper or single...

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Accessible Concession

The Accessible Concession is available on Metlink buses, trains and ferries, except After Midnight buses.

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SuperGold card

If you are eligible for SuperGold card, or Veteran’s SuperGold card you can travel on Metlink services for free during...

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Fare zones

There are a number of ways you can work out now many zones your journey is.

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Fare products and passes

On July 15th 2018, we made some big changes to the public transport network in the Wellington region so you...

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Non Metlink Services

There are a number of bus and train services that are not operated by Metlink:

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Requests for free Metlink fares for events – guidelines

Metlink generally will not provide free fares as a form of sponsorship or general support for events, as public transport...

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Conditions of travel

These conditions of carriage form the basis of our contract with you if you travel with us, or you are...

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