Metlink confirms April 1 rollout for half price and after-midnight fare changes

Tickets & Fares

Metlink has confirmed that half-price fares for ferry, train, bus and total mobility services will come into effect on Friday April 1.

The move follows the Government’s announcement that public transport fees across the country would be temporarily reduced to help ease the burden of cost of living increases over the next three months.

Scott Gallacher, General Manager for Metlink, says his team is working closely with operators to make the transition as smooth as possible for passengers but there might be teething issues given the very short lead-in time we have had.

“We’re very pleased to be able to put these discounts in place in such a short timeframe and help people continue to connect with their communities, to get to and from work and get children to school.

“For the majority of our passengers on buses and ferries the changes should be seamless with Snapper and cash fares being adjusted in time. However, paper tickets and multiple trip tickets on rail are more complicated but I want to reassure passengers that they won’t be out of pocket as we work out the kinks,” says Scott Gallacher.

“Obviously, COVID-19 continues to put a strain on the availability of our amazing frontline staff so we’re hoping that people will continue to understand the impact that COVID-19 is having on our network at the moment, including with an increase in unplanned cancellations as a result of staff absenteeism.

“I also want to thank all of Metlink staff and passengers for their ongoing patience, kindness and understanding,” adds Scott Gallacher.

Metlink also announced that it will be retiring the fixed fare structure for after-midnight services and bringing them in line with standard off-peak fares. The move had been planned for July but had been bought forward to April 1.

Roger Blakeley, chair of Greater Wellington’s Transport Committee says the changes to after-midnight fares will provide greater consistency, accessibility and safety to people across the region.

“We have been working closely with The Pōneke Promise initiative, the hospitality industry and social providers, and people out and about on Friday and Saturday evening. They all told us that making changes to fares will encourage more people to jump on board our services. We hope that people will be less likely to walk home in the dark and that it will also have a positive carbon impact with people choosing public transport over other modes of transport,” says Cr Blakeley.

Metlink will keep passengers up to date with the half price and after-midnight changes at