Early Bird is here to stay!

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Early bird is here to stay!Off-peak Snapper discount on Metlink buses before 7am

*NB: The early bird special is valid for adult Snapper Card users. This offer is not valid on buses replacing trains, for cash, SuperGold card users or any other discounted fares

Why is the 25% Early Bird discount staying on buses?

Over the last couple of years, Metlink customers have been experiencing over-capacity buses especially in Wellington City. On some bus routes, the peak period capacity constraints has been more pronounced with current driver shortages.

Metlink has been working with the bus operators and its other partners to address the issue. 

Using price incentives has been considered as one of the levers to encourage a shift from peak to off-peak.

The Early Bird Trial was an initiative for us to understand how effective is a 25% discount in encouraging the Metlink bus user to start their journey earlier in the morning.

The Early Bird trial that started on 10 February 2020 was disrupted early due to COVID-19. The trial was initially intended to run for a four month period.  

As a result, Council agreed on 21 May 2020 (Report 20.147(external link)) for the trial to be suspended until February 2021 and then be reinstated for a period of three months. 

Following the conclusion of the second trial extension, Council agreed to adopt a 25% discount on all buses before 7am

What is the purpose of the discount?

The 25% discount for Snapper-paid bus journeys prior to 7am is expected to help with Metlink’s response to the current driver shortages and peak period capacity constraints. It is also expected to attract new users and encourage mode shift.