Bikes & Scooters

Active transport for connected journeys

Active modes such as bikes and scooters help provide a door-to-door transport solution for a growing number of public transport users.

We support this in a number of ways:

  • Carrying bikes for free on board trains and ferries where practical
  • Carrying folding bikes(external link) and scooters for free on buses, trains and ferries where practical
  • Introducing bike racks on the entire fleet of new buses
  • Providing free bike racks at most train stations

Bikes on Buses

All buses running regular Metlink services come with a bike rack fitted, but we can't guarantee that train replacement buses will have this feature. The Real time information system is currently unable to display which services will have a bike rack.

On buses fitted with bike racks, passengers can store standard-size bikes on the rack on any service. On services without bike racks (or if the rack is already full), only compact folding bikes and scooters are permitted on board, and must be folded down before boarding. Full size bicycles cannot be brought on board the bus.

Bikes on Trains

Bikes can be carried on most trains on a first-come, first served basis. Each two-car set can take up to three bikes, and Wairarapa trains have a special luggage car that can store bicycles. Some peak train services do not allow bikes on board.

Bikes on School Buses

School buses do not allow bikes to be carried on bike racks, even if they are fitted with one. Folding bikes and scooters can be carried on board, as long as there is sufficient space to carry them safely.

Bikes on Ferries

Harbour ferries can usually take six to eight bikes per crossing. Availability may be limited if the ferry is busy. If you are part of a group travelling with bikes, we recommend contacting the operator East by West Ferries first on 04 499 1282.

Bike & Ride (Bike parking spaces)

Bike parking spaces are available for day use at most train stations throughout the network. We're always working in installing more bike racks and stands, especially at busy stations. Bike parking areas may not be covered by CCTV, so check for the green CCTV signage clearly posted at stations.

Metlink currently only provides bike parking at railway stations, however other local councils may provide bike racks in town centres, public areas or recreation areas.

Wellington Region Cycling Information

More information about cycling in the Wellington region can be found on the Greater Wellington Regional Council website(external link).

Last published: Thursday, February 8, 2024 at 5:46 AM