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We understand that cycling to and from train stations provides a door-to-door transport solution for a growing number of public transport users.

Bikes can be carried on selected trains. Check the timetable for services that allow bikes on board. Bikes are carried free of charge, and on a first-come, first served basis.

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We support this in a number of ways:

  • Providing bike storage at train stations
  • Providing for the carriage of bikes on trains and ferries where practical
  • Providing for the carriage of folding bikes on trains, ferries and buses where practical
  • Rolling out bike racks on buses

Taking your bike on public transport?        

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Guidelines for Cyclists

  • Try to travel in the off-peak period whenever possible
  • Be considerate of fellow commuters and let others board first - this reduces the chance of somebody tripping over your bike
  • Do not ride your bike on the platform at railway stations, walk alongside your bike on the platform at railway stations
  • Bikes must be clean
  • Ensure owner identification is attached to your bike


Bikes can be carried on trains free of charge, without reservations, and on a first-come, first served basis except on these peak hour services on the Kapiti and Hutt Valley Lines:

Kapiti Line 

To Wellington

From Wellington

6.28am from Waikanae 4.21pm from Wellington
7.09am from Plimmerton 4.35pm from Wellington
7.11am from Porirua 4.41pm from Wellington
7.18am from Waikanae 5.01pm from Wellington
7.29am from Porirua 5.18pm from Wellington
7.37am from Plimmerton 5.21pm from Wellington
7.38am from Waikanae 5.35pm from Wellington
7.42am from Porirua 5.41pm from Wellington
8.05am from Porirua 5.55pm Wellington
8.24am from Porirua  

Hutt Line 

6.40 am from Upper Hutt 4.29 pm from Wellington
7.00 am from Taita 4.37 pm from Wellington
7.16 am from Upper Hutt 4.49 pm from Wellington
7.20 am from Taita 4.57 pm from Wellington
7.37 am from Taita 5.15 pm from Wellington
7.40 am from Upper Hutt 5.22 pm from Wellington
8.00 am from Taita 5.35 pm from Wellington
8.20 am from Taita 5.43 pm from Wellington
8.20 am from Upper Hutt 5.50 pm from Wellington

Folding bikes on trains

When folded, folding bikes are allowed on every service and can be treated as a form of luggage. And as with luggage if any of our on-board staff think that the positioning of the folding bike is or could create a health and safety risk (such as obstructing access for staff and passengers) they can ask you to move it to a safer position.

Folded, folding bikes can be carried onto any of our train services. Feel free to leave it up if there is space in the marked bicycle area on services where bikes are permitted. Your fellow cyclists with non-folding bikes would appreciate you folding and making space for their bikes if the allocated space becomes full.

Folding bikes must not exceed the dimensions of 82 cm long x 69 cm high x 39 cm wide.

Read more about folding bikes.  (external link)

Buses replacing trains

If capacity allows, bikes may be carried on a cycle rack if the bus is fitted with one, otherwise only folding cycles may be carried. If you are heading over to Wairarapa by train please check our service updates to ensure there are no bus replacement services that weekend.

Special events

Bikes cannot be carried on services to and from special events. That includes timetabled services to and from events as well as any additional services provided.

Train Type and Conditions of Carriage

We have two types of train and each has different conditions of carriage for bikes:
Matangi train

Matangi trains

Each two car Matangi train set can accommodate up to three bikes. Bikes must not obstruct doors and aisles and are to be stored and strapped by the cyclist in the designated bicycle area only.




134Metlink2014WRL July 2016

Wairarapa trains

Wairarapa trains can carry bikes in the luggage compartment, space pending. Cyclists must speak to staff before loading their bikes.






On services with bike racks, passengers are welcome to stow their bikes there. On services without bike racks, only folding bikes (external link) (external link)  are permitted.

Compact, fully folding bikes must be folded down before boarding and carried on board by the cyclist.  

Folding bikes must not exceed the dimensions of 82 cm long x 69 cm high x 39 cm wide. Wheel rims may be no more than 51 cm in diameter.

Scooters that can be carried by hand are allowed on buses. If possible scooters should be folded before the bus arrives. Scooters must be secure at all times on buses, and must not block the aisle or any doorway. Kick-bikes that meet the criteria for folding bikes can also be taken on buses.


Harbour ferries can usually take six to eight bikes per crossing. Availability depends on how busy the ferry is. 

If you are part of a group travelling with bikes it is best to contact East by West Ferries first on 04 499 1282.