Smarter Tools for Travel

A Smarter metlink app is here

New features & improvements to the app


  • Manage your profile settings
  • Links to helpful information
  • Swipe through the latest Metlink news
  • Contact us button


  • Zoom and scroll around the map
  • Search bar 
  • View extra map features, like Snapper locations or points of interest
  • Tap map or use the search bar to access real time stop departures

Stop departures

  • Panel slider to view map and departures in single view
  • One-click to add to journey planner
  • More information about departures - tracking, scheduled or cancelled
  • Click on a service to view it on the map and see a list of stops with estimated arrival times

Live tracking

  • See all vehicles on that route on the map & in a list
  • Swipe through the list cards to see each vehicle's location in real time
  • Click on any vehicle to see the trip details and arrival times at each stop

Journey Planner

  • Fewer steps to create your journey plan
  • Favourites auto-suggest in the search fields
  • Suggestions have a cleaner layout, with travel times and fares shown
  • Compare journeys to the cost of private transport
  • New Community Connect Concession fares will display on the new app only, so be sure to update to the new version once it's available in your app store.


  • One-click access to all of your favourite timetables, stops and locations
  • Favourites auto-suggest in search fields across the app
  • Filter favourites by type


  • New label & icon in the bottom menu to make timetables easier to find
  • Search bar in the timetable section to reduce scrolling
  • Favourites appear at the top of the list
  • Option to see live tracking from timetable view
  • Switch direction button is larger and much easier to find


  • Clearer layout of information in alert cards
  • Includes date & time when alert was last updated
  • Severe alert (red circle) icon has changed to a yellow triangle (so that it looks less like an unopened message!) 
  • Alert icons display on the map for relevant stops


  • Search bar visible in more views on the app
  • Recent searches auto-suggest in results
  • Favourites auto-suggest in results

Last published: Thursday, February 8, 2024 at 8:52 AM