Transport Choices Programme

Projects & Partnerships

transport choices logoThe way we shop, eat, and travel is changing. Rapid change and growth mean we need to plan ahead to shape our cities into places that can support an improved quality of life. At the same time, we need to think about how we can tackle one of the biggest challenges of our time, climate change. 

In May 2022, the government released its first Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP) and highlighted the significant role transport plays in the climate response. They called for a 41% reduction in emissions from the transport sector by 2035 (from 2019 levels). 

The Waka Kotahi Climate Emergency Response Programme was formed with a $1.2 billion Climate Emergency Fund, which will support New Zealanders to rapidly adopt low-emissions fuels and vehicles, decarbonise heavy transport and freight, and reduce reliance on private cars by encouraging walking, cycling, and taking public transport. 

Transport Choices is a Waka Kotahi funded programme with Metlink leading four projects. These projects aim to improve public transport infrastructure, enhance customer experience on the network, and benefit future generations. 

Following the general election and change in government, Waka Kotahi has paused making additional Climate Emergency Fund commitments for the Transport Choices programme. The direction of this programme will be looked at again when the government determines priorities for transport investment.

Masterton and Solway Bike Shelters

Cyclists that take the train need an option for safe, secure bike parking. This project will increase bike storage facilities at Masterton and Solway railway stations, with a purpose-built, three-sided shelter and rack system.

These bike shelters have been installed across other stations on the network and Metlink will provide Masterton and Solway cyclists with 16 bicycle parking spaces per station.