Opening the doors for innovation with Metlink’s open data

Sustainability & Technology

The data from Metlink’s services is open for business - calling all developers and transport tech gurus to get innovative with the Wellington region’s public transport data and benefit the community.

This data captures trains and buses service schedules, their routes and stops, along with the vehicles current location updated every 30 seconds.

Metlink general manager, Scott Gallacher says, “We want to make the data more easily accessible to the public so they can make use of it to develop mobile apps, products or websites that support the community to use public transport.

“These could be apps that help customers find the closest coffee shop to their bus stop, or compare trip times across a range of services – for examples bus times versus taxis times.

“It’s an exciting project that’s still in its infancy and we look forward to working with people to grow and evolve its capabilities.

“Opening up the data from Metlink’s services is the first step in our commitment to aligning to central government’s open data policies.”

This is also a first step in Greater Wellington’s Open Data strategy that ensures the community receive access to relevant, accurate and complete information.

“Our vision is to make it easy for everyone to be able to access our information directly without having to go through an official request giving developers a chance to create unique products, the public quicker access to information, and freeing Metlink staff up to work on releasing further services and information instead,” adds Mr Gallacher.

Visit the Metlink Open Data website.(external link)