Ngaio: Colway Street proposed bus stop & parking changes

Service Changes

Bus clearance issues and proposed solutions

Metlink is proposing roading improvements along Colway Street to improve bus clearance and access to bus stops. These improvements seek to ensure accessibility to public transport services and maintain effective operations.

We are engaging the local community in and around Colway Street to gather helpful insights and perspectives on how the road is used, to aid us in fine tuning our proposal for roading improvements. Residents and the wider community will be consulted from Monday 13 March to Monday 27 March.

This feedback stage is to gain resident and community perspective that will feed into a final proposal considered by Wellington City Council, and if progressed, will be brought back to the community for formal consultation on Monday 24 April 2023.

Download a copy of the maps as a PDF or browse the sections below. Click on image tiles to open full screen. Standard browser and device zoom functions can be used on the opened images.

Section A: 1-20 Colway Street

Summary of changes:

  • Stop 4451(external link): extend bus box by 2.7m, add broken yellow lines to create 18.8m entry taper & 20.5m exit taper for buses
  • Stop 5451(external link): add broken yellow lines to create 15m entry taper & 15m exit taper for buses
  • 15 Colway Street: add 20.2m of broken yellow lines
  • 18 Colway Street: add 7.1m of broken yellow lines
  • 19 Colway Street: add 16.3m of broken yellow lines

Section B: 21-42 Colway Street

Summary of changes:

  • 21-25 Colway Street: add 27m of broken yellow lines
  • 28 Colway Street: add 20.3m broken yellow lines
  • 30-32 Colway Street: add 16.4m broken yellow lines
  • 39A Colway Street: add 19.6m broken yellow lines
  • 40 Colway Street: add 20.3m broken yellow lines

Section C: 43-65 Colway Street

Summary of changes