Metlink’s Early Bird special is back for passengers

Tickets & Fares

Metlink is offering 25% discount for adult passengers who Snapper on buses before 7am during the 22 February to 21 May 2021.

The Early Bird special only applies to Snapper adult fares on Metlink buses during the trial period. The Early Bird special is not available for rail, ferry or SuperGold card customers or any other discounted fare.

The Early Bird special trial originally started back in February 2020, but was disrupted due to COVID-19.

Metlink reinstated the three month trial for the benefit of customers returning to work more frequently, to relieve pressure from high demand services and to give the trial a chance to run its full course. 

Metlink General Manager Scott Gallacher, “A successful outcome for the trial is a shift in patronage from peak hours to off peak hours, an improvement in peak capacity and reduction in service congestion, stable revenue and increased customer satisfaction.”

“After the trial, Council will review its success and decide if it’s viable to continue with the Early Bird special. Should it continue, it will directly benefit customers with more travel options and a cheaper fare for those who are willing and able to travel earlier in the day.

“This trial is a way of assessing if customers are open to adjusting their travel patterns, which will ultimately help us as a community to be more resilient and prepared as we continue to navigate COVID-19.

“We really encourage our bus passengers to jump on board this Early Bird special, it’s also a great opportunity for members of the community who haven’t tried public transport before, to give it a go at a discounted rate,” adds Mr Gallacher.

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