Metlink to go pink in stand against bullying

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Following two successful years of encouraging staff to showcase their pink wardrobes and celebrate diversity, Metlink will once again wear its support for Pink Shirt Day on its sleeve this Friday 19 May. 

Metlink-branded pink shirts have been created especially for the occasion, and frontline staff and operators are being encouraged to wear pink outfits. Putting their most fashionable foot forwards will be key to winning first place in Metlink’s Pink Shirt Day ‘Best Dressed’ competition! 

Greater Wellington Transport Committee Chair Thomas Nash says Pink Shirt Day carries an important message that Metlink is proud to support. 

“There’s no place for bullying in our society and that includes on public transport. Everyone should feel that when they hop on a bus or train, they will be safe and respected for who they are. That applies to Metlink’s drivers and transport officers, as well as passengers.” 

Operators will be holding morning teas for their staff on Friday, and submitting entries to Metlink’s Best Dressed competition. Mana Coach Services Chief Executive Craig Chin said he appreciated Metlink showing support for their staff. 

“I think it’s an awesome initiative, and a great way to remind our drivers that they’re valued. Embracing diversity helps to make everyone feel welcome on Wellington public transport.” 

Samuel Stairmand, General Manager for Tranzurban Wellington & Auckland, agreed. “Pink Shirt Day’s message of kindness and inclusion is one we’re proud to stand behind, in support of our diverse workforce here in Wellington. Respect is the key.” 

There will be prizes for the pinkest-dressed staff on Friday, with Prezzy cards up for grabs for the winner and runner-up. 

Metlink General Manager Samantha Gain says that celebrating Pink Shirt Day reflects Metlink’s strong anti-bullying stance. 

“We support a community where everyone feels safe, valued and respected. Public transport staff are often on the frontlines of tense situations, and it’s important to remember that everyone is deserving of compassion, at work and at home.” 

Metlink staff hope that by participating in this global celebration, they can help remind Wellington to Kōrero Mai, Kōrero Atu, Mauri Tū, Mauri Ora – Speak Up, Stand Together, Stop Bullying!