Metlink On Demand Trial - Tawa Suburb

Metlink On Demand

On Demand Public Transport in Tawa

Metlink is introducing On Demand public transport services in areas within the Greater Wellington region. The service is demand driven, providing flexibility for route coverage and scheduling. It uses smaller transport options to provide generally shorter journeys, linking core hubs and supporting the first and last mile of journeys for people connecting to and from hubs (e.g. train stations) or to local destinations such as shops, supermarkets and medical services.

The On Demand service does not have a set route, and doesn't rely on limited existing public transport infrastructure. It will have flexible, non-permanent pick-up and drop-off points.

On Demand uses a technology platform and its own app to make bookings, take payments and schedule pick-ups and drop-offs. The app also directs the driver to the best route based on bookings. 

The Metlink On Demand Trial will run for 12 months. This gives us an opportunity to test, learn and establish the best possible customer experience as we work toward rolling out On Demand services across a wider area.

How does it work?

See the On Demand Transport page for more information about using this new service and the Metlink On Demand app.

Metlink On Demand App

Feedback & support

If you have any questions or would like to pass on your feedback about this pilot, call the Metlink Contact Centre on 0800 801 700 or email