Metlink monitoring impact of omicron on services

Covid-19 & Health

Metlink is closely monitoring the impact of omicron on its front line staff and its knock-on effects on service delivery in the face of rapidly rising rates of community transmission.

“As of today, we are now seeing slightly more than 100 front-line staff affected by omicron-related matters, and we expect many more as the pandemic reaches its peak for us in the Greater Wellington region,” says Metlink General Manager Scott Gallacher.

“We are absolutely focused on continuing to provide an essential service to our communities, but the reality is that our resources are likely to be stretched to the limit as frontline and support staff become unable to report for work.

“Keeping buses, trains and ferries running in such a dynamic and rapidly changing environment will be difficult, but we will reconfigure the network as needed, particularly on our key routes. We may have to use a combination of cancellations and timetable changes, but we’ll keep as many people travelling on the network as possible.

“This is a rapidly changing situation. We will continue to monitor how we’re going, and we will provide early and clear information to passengers should our current level of operations change.”

“We would like to thank our communities for their ongoing patience, kindness and understanding as we continue to navigate a global pandemic”.

Metlink also urges travellers to “know before they go” and check the Metlink app or website in advance.