Buses replacing trains

This page is for planned buses replacing trains. If you're looking for disruption information, see the Disruption guide.

Using buses replacing trains

Hot pink signage is being rolled out across the network to help passengers find bus replacement stops and information. Directional signage and bus replacement timetables are posted at each station, and station maps can be found on freestanding information totems on platforms at all suburban train stations.

Most buses replacing trains are planned in advance for maintenance or important trackwork. Schedules and timetables will be posted on this page and in service alert notifications. Buses replacing trains timetables and calendars will also be posted at train stations.

Maintaining our railways    FutureRail

About unplanned disruptions

For information and resources during an unplanned disruption: 

See service alerts(external link)    Disruption guide

Last published: Wednesday, January 26, 2022 at 6:37 PM