5:47 am5:52 am6:12 am6:20 am6:38 am6:48 am6:50 am7:00 am7:11 am 7:20 am7:35 am7:41 am8:02 am8:11 am8:20 am8:44 am OP9:14 am OP9:44 am OP10:14 am OP10:44 am OP11:14 am OP11:44 am OP12:14 pm OP12:44 pm OP1:14 pm OP1:44 pm OP2:14 pm OP2:44 pm OP3:03 pm OP3:20 pm OP3:27 pm3:35 pm3:42 pm3:55 pm3:59 pm4:15 pm4:21 pm CM4:35 pm CM4:43 pm CM4:55 pm5:03 pm CM5:17 pm CM5:19 pm CM5:35 pm CM5:45 pm CM6:00 pm CM6:03 pm6:14 pm6:44 pm7:14 pm7:44 pm8:14 pm8:44 pm9:14 pm9:44 pm F10:14 pm11:14 pm12:14 am F1:14 am F
    6:04 am6:24 am6:32 am  7:02 am7:12 am   7:47 am   8:32 am8:56 am OP9:26 am OP9:56 am OP10:26 am OP10:56 am OP11:26 am OP11:56 am OP12:26 pm OP12:56 pm OP1:26 pm OP1:56 pm OP2:26 pm OP2:56 pm OP3:15 pm OP 3:39 pm 3:54 pm 4:11 pm 4:33 pm CM 4:55 pm CM 5:15 pm CM 5:31 pm CM 5:57 pm CM 6:15 pm6:26 pm6:56 pm7:26 pm7:56 pm8:26 pm8:56 pm9:26 pm9:56 pm F10:26 pm11:26 pm12:26 am F1:26 am F
    6:06 am6:26 am6:34 am  7:04 am7:14 am   7:49 am   8:34 am8:58 am OP9:28 am OP9:58 am OP10:28 am OP10:58 am OP11:28 am OP11:58 am OP12:28 pm OP12:58 pm OP1:28 pm OP1:58 pm OP2:28 pm OP2:58 pm OP3:17 pm OP 3:41 pm 3:56 pm 4:13 pm 4:35 pm CM 4:57 pm CM 5:17 pm CM 5:33 pm CM 5:59 pm CM 6:17 pm6:28 pm6:58 pm7:28 pm7:58 pm8:28 pm8:58 pm9:28 pm9:58 pm F10:28 pm11:28 pm12:28 am F1:28 am F
    6:07 am6:27 am6:35 am  7:05 am7:15 am   7:50 am   8:35 am8:59 am OP9:29 am OP9:59 am OP10:29 am OP10:59 am OP11:29 am OP11:59 am OP12:29 pm OP12:59 pm OP1:29 pm OP1:59 pm OP2:29 pm OP2:59 pm OP3:18 pm OP 3:42 pm 3:57 pm 4:14 pm 4:36 pm CM 4:58 pm CM 5:18 pm CM 5:34 pm CM 6:00 pm CM 6:18 pm6:29 pm6:59 pm7:29 pm7:59 pm8:29 pm8:59 pm9:29 pm9:59 pm F10:29 pm11:29 pm12:29 am F1:29 am F
    6:09 am6:29 am6:37 am  7:07 am7:17 am   7:52 am   8:37 am9:01 am OP9:31 am OP10:01 am OP10:31 am OP11:01 am OP11:31 am OP12:01 pm OP12:31 pm OP1:01 pm OP1:31 pm OP2:01 pm OP2:31 pm OP3:01 pm OP3:20 pm OP 3:44 pm 3:59 pm 4:16 pm 4:38 pm CM 5:00 pm CM 5:20 pm CM 5:36 pm CM 6:02 pm CM 6:20 pm6:31 pm7:01 pm7:31 pm8:01 pm8:31 pm9:01 pm9:31 pm10:01 pm F10:31 pm11:31 pm12:31 am F1:31 am F
    6:11 am6:31 am6:39 am  7:09 am7:19 am   7:54 am   8:39 am9:03 am OP9:33 am OP10:03 am OP10:33 am OP11:03 am OP11:33 am OP12:03 pm OP12:33 pm OP1:03 pm OP1:33 pm OP2:03 pm OP2:33 pm OP3:03 pm OP3:22 pm OP 3:46 pm 4:01 pm 4:18 pm 4:40 pm CM 5:02 pm CM 5:22 pm CM 5:38 pm CM 6:04 pm CM 6:22 pm6:33 pm7:03 pm7:33 pm8:03 pm8:33 pm9:03 pm9:33 pm10:03 pm F10:33 pm11:33 pm12:33 am F1:33 am F
    6:13 am6:33 am6:41 am  7:11 am7:21 am  7:37 am7:56 am7:58 am8:19 am 8:41 am9:05 am OP9:35 am OP10:05 am OP10:35 am OP11:05 am OP11:35 am OP12:05 pm OP12:35 pm OP1:05 pm OP1:35 pm OP2:05 pm OP2:35 pm OP3:05 pm OP3:24 pm OP3:37 pm OP3:48 pm3:52 pm4:03 pm4:12 pm4:20 pm4:32 pm4:42 pm CM4:52 pm CM5:04 pm CM5:12 pm5:24 pm CM5:34 pm CM5:40 pm CM5:52 pm CM6:06 pm CM6:17 pm CM6:24 pm6:35 pm7:05 pm7:35 pm8:05 pm8:35 pm9:05 pm9:35 pm10:05 pm F10:35 pm11:35 pm12:35 am F1:35 am F
    6:17 am6:37 am6:45 am  7:15 am    8:00 am   8:45 am9:09 am OP9:39 am OP10:09 am OP10:39 am OP11:09 am OP11:39 am OP12:09 pm OP12:39 pm OP1:09 pm OP1:39 pm OP2:09 pm OP2:39 pm OP3:09 pm OP 3:41 pm OP 3:56 pm4:07 pm4:16 pm 4:36 pm 4:56 pm CM 5:16 pm 5:38 pm CM 5:56 pm CM 6:21 pm CM 6:39 pm7:09 pm7:39 pm8:09 pm8:39 pm9:09 pm9:39 pm10:09 pm F10:39 pm11:39 pm12:39 am F1:39 am F
    6:19 am6:39 am6:47 am  7:17 am    8:02 am   8:47 am9:11 am OP9:41 am OP10:11 am OP10:41 am OP11:11 am OP11:41 am OP12:11 pm OP12:41 pm OP1:11 pm OP1:41 pm OP2:11 pm OP2:41 pm OP3:11 pm OP 3:43 pm OP 3:58 pm4:09 pm4:18 pm 4:38 pm 4:58 pm CM 5:18 pm 5:40 pm CM 5:58 pm CM 6:23 pm CM 6:41 pm7:11 pm7:41 pm8:11 pm8:41 pm9:11 pm9:41 pm10:11 pm F10:41 pm11:41 pm12:41 am F1:41 am F
   6:10 am6:21 am6:41 am6:49 am7:00 am7:10 am7:19 am 7:33 am  8:04 am  8:34 am8:49 am9:13 am OP9:43 am OP10:13 am OP10:43 am OP11:13 am OP11:43 am OP12:13 pm OP12:43 pm OP1:13 pm OP1:43 pm OP2:13 pm OP2:43 pm OP3:13 pm OP 3:45 pm OP 4:00 pm4:11 pm4:20 pm 4:40 pm 5:00 pm CM 5:20 pm 5:42 pm CM 6:00 pm CM 6:25 pm CM 6:43 pm7:13 pm7:43 pm8:13 pm8:43 pm9:13 pm9:43 pm10:13 pm F10:43 pm11:43 pm12:43 am F1:43 am F
    6:28 am 6:56 am  7:26 am    8:11 am   8:56 am9:20 am OP9:50 am OP10:20 am OP10:50 am OP11:20 am OP11:50 am OP12:20 pm OP12:50 pm OP1:20 pm OP1:50 pm OP2:20 pm OP2:50 pm OP3:20 pm OP 3:52 pm OP 4:07 pm 4:27 pm 4:47 pm 5:07 pm CM 5:27 pm 5:49 pm CM 6:07 pm CM 6:32 pm CM 6:50 pm7:20 pm7:50 pm8:20 pm8:50 pm9:20 pm9:50 pm10:20 pm F10:50 pm11:50 pm12:50 am F1:50 am F
4:36 am5:06 am6:06 am 6:38 am 7:06 am  7:36 am  8:00 am 8:21 am   9:06 am9:30 am OP10:00 am OP10:30 am OP11:00 am OP11:30 am OP12:00 pm OP12:30 pm OP1:00 pm OP1:30 pm OP2:00 pm OP2:30 pm OP3:00 pm OP3:30 pm OP 4:02 pm OP 4:17 pm 4:37 pm 4:57 pm 5:17 pm CM 5:37 pm 5:59 pm CM 6:17 pm CM 6:42 pm CM 7:00 pm7:30 pm8:00 pm8:30 pm9:00 pm9:30 pm10:00 pm10:30 pm F11:00 pm12:00 am1:00 am F2:00 am F
4:45 am5:15 am6:15 am 6:47 am 7:15 am  7:45 am  8:09 am 8:30 am   9:15 am9:39 am OP10:09 am OP10:39 am OP11:09 am OP11:39 am OP12:09 pm OP12:39 pm OP1:09 pm OP1:39 pm OP2:09 pm OP2:39 pm OP3:09 pm OP3:39 pm OP 4:11 pm OP 4:25 pm 4:45 pm 5:05 pm 5:25 pm CM 5:45 pm 6:07 pm CM 6:25 pm CM 6:50 pm CM 7:09 pm7:39 pm8:09 pm8:39 pm9:09 pm9:39 pm10:09 pm10:39 pm F11:09 pm12:09 am1:09 am F2:09 am F
4:50 am5:20 am6:20 am 6:52 am 7:20 am  7:50 am  8:14 am 8:35 am   9:20 am9:44 am OP10:14 am OP10:44 am OP11:14 am OP11:44 am OP12:14 pm OP12:44 pm OP1:14 pm OP1:44 pm OP2:14 pm OP2:44 pm OP3:14 pm OP3:44 pm OP 4:16 pm OP 4:30 pm 4:50 pm 5:10 pm 5:30 pm CM 5:50 pm 6:12 pm CM 6:30 pm CM 6:55 pm CM 7:14 pm7:44 pm8:14 pm8:44 pm9:14 pm9:44 pm10:14 pm10:44 pm F11:14 pm12:14 am1:14 am F2:14 am F
  • OP - Off Peak fares apply
  • CM - Cycles are excluded from this service
  • F - Friday nights only
Alternative Routes:


Fare information:

All weekend services on the Kapiti Line are peak fares.

Relevant Service Updates 5

Buses replace trains - Upcoming planned rail maintenance

There is still more to be done upgrading the Wellington rail network and buses will be replacing trains on some lines in weekends or other off peak periods:… More Information

Valid from: 4:00am on Monday 16th October 2017
Extra trains after Wellington Lions vs Northland on Friday 20 October

Mitre 10 Cup - Wellington Lions vs Northland Semi Final… More Information

Valid from: 12:00am on Monday 16th October 2017
Labour Day weekend bus replacements for most train services - Saturday 21 October - Monday 23 October

The work underway will be to replace some rail around Wellington station which will work towards the removal of the current speed restrictions in place.… More Information

Valid from: 12:00am on Monday 16th October 2017
Additional seating on the 7.17am service departing Waikanae from Monday 9 October

We've listened to your feedback - from Monday 9 October there will be an extra carriage with 147 more seats on the 7.17am service departing Waikanae to Wellington.… More Information

Valid from: 12:00am on Thursday 5th October 2017
Submissions are now closed on the proposed Metlink fare changes

The proposed changes include:… More Information

Valid from: 4:00pm on Monday 18th September 2017

Kapiti Line (Waikanae - Wellington) route

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