5:00 am5:30 am 6:00 am 6:28 am CM   7:00 am  7:17 am CM 7:34 am CM 8:05 am 8:30 am9:00 am OP9:30 am OP10:00 am OP10:30 am OP11:00 am OP11:30 am OP12:00 pm OP12:30 pm OP1:00 pm OP1:30 pm OP2:00 pm OP2:30 pm OP 3:00 pm OP 3:30 pm  4:05 pm 4:20 pm 4:40 pm 5:00 pm 5:20 pm 5:40 pm 6:05 pm6:40 pm7:00 pm7:30 pm8:00 pm9:00 pm10:00 pm11:00 pm
5:07 am5:37 am 6:07 am 6:35 am CM   7:07 am  7:24 am CM 7:41 am CM 8:12 am 8:37 am9:07 am OP9:37 am OP10:07 am OP10:37 am OP11:07 am OP11:37 am OP12:07 pm OP12:37 pm OP1:07 pm OP1:37 pm OP2:07 pm OP2:37 pm OP 3:07 pm OP 3:37 pm  4:12 pm 4:27 pm 4:47 pm 5:07 pm 5:27 pm 5:47 pm 6:12 pm6:47 pm7:07 pm7:37 pm8:07 pm9:07 pm10:07 pm11:07 pm
5:15 am5:45 am 6:15 am 6:43 am CM   7:15 am  7:32 am CM 7:49 am CM 8:20 am 8:45 am9:15 am OP9:45 am OP10:15 am OP10:45 am OP11:15 am OP11:45 am OP12:15 pm OP12:45 pm OP1:15 pm OP1:45 pm OP2:15 pm OP2:45 pm OP 3:15 pm OP 3:45 pm  4:20 pm 4:35 pm 4:55 pm 5:15 pm 5:35 pm 5:55 pm 6:20 pm6:55 pm7:15 pm7:45 pm8:15 pm9:15 pm10:15 pm11:15 pm
5:24 am5:54 am 6:24 am 6:52 am CM   7:24 am  7:41 am CM 7:58 am CM 8:29 am 8:54 am9:24 am OP9:54 am OP10:24 am OP10:54 am OP11:24 am OP11:54 am OP12:24 pm OP12:54 pm OP1:24 pm OP1:54 pm OP2:24 pm OP2:54 pm OP 3:24 pm OP 3:54 pm  4:29 pm 4:44 pm 5:04 pm 5:24 pm 5:44 pm 6:04 pm 6:29 pm7:04 pm7:24 pm7:54 pm8:24 pm9:24 pm10:24 pm11:24 pm
5:31 am6:01 am6:14 am6:31 am6:46 am6:59 am CM7:03 am CM7:14 am CM 7:31 am 7:41 am CM7:48 am CM 8:05 am CM 8:36 am8:42 am9:01 am9:31 am OP10:01 am OP10:31 am OP11:01 am OP11:31 am OP12:01 pm OP12:31 pm OP1:01 pm OP1:31 pm OP2:01 pm OP2:31 pm OP3:01 pm OP 3:31 pm OP 4:01 pm4:15 pm 4:36 pm 4:51 pm 5:11 pm 5:31 pm 5:51 pm 6:11 pm 6:36 pm7:11 pm7:31 pm8:01 pm8:31 pm9:31 pm10:31 pm11:31 pm
5:33 am6:03 am6:16 am6:33 am6:48 am7:01 am CM7:05 am CM7:16 am CM 7:33 am 7:43 am CM7:50 am CM 8:07 am CM 8:38 am8:44 am9:03 am9:33 am OP10:03 am OP10:33 am OP11:03 am OP11:33 am OP12:03 pm OP12:33 pm OP1:03 pm OP1:33 pm OP2:03 pm OP2:33 pm OP3:03 pm OP 3:33 pm OP 4:03 pm  4:38 pm 4:53 pm 5:13 pm 5:33 pm 5:53 pm 6:13 pm 6:38 pm7:13 pm7:33 pm8:03 pm8:33 pm9:33 pm10:33 pm11:33 pm
5:35 am6:05 am6:18 am6:35 am6:50 am7:03 am CM7:07 am CM7:18 am CM 7:35 am 7:45 am CM7:52 am CM 8:09 am CM 8:40 am8:46 am9:05 am9:35 am OP10:05 am OP10:35 am OP11:05 am OP11:35 am OP12:05 pm OP12:35 pm OP1:05 pm OP1:35 pm OP2:05 pm OP2:35 pm OP3:05 pm OP 3:35 pm OP 4:05 pm  4:40 pm 4:55 pm 5:15 pm 5:35 pm 5:55 pm 6:15 pm 6:40 pm7:15 pm7:35 pm8:05 pm8:35 pm9:35 pm10:35 pm11:35 pm
5:39 am6:09 am6:22 am6:39 am6:54 am7:07 am CM7:11 am CM7:22 am CM7:29 am CM7:39 am7:43 am CM7:49 am CM7:56 am CM8:03 am CM8:13 am CM8:24 am CM8:44 am8:50 am9:09 am9:39 am OP10:09 am OP10:39 am OP11:09 am OP11:39 am OP12:09 pm OP12:39 pm OP1:09 pm OP1:39 pm OP2:09 pm OP2:39 pm OP3:09 pm OP3:29 pm OP3:39 pm OP3:53 pm4:09 pm 4:25 pm4:44 pm4:47 pm4:59 pm5:08 pm5:19 pm5:30 pm5:39 pm5:48 pm5:59 pm6:10 pm6:19 pm6:29 pm6:44 pm7:19 pm7:39 pm8:09 pm8:39 pm9:39 pm10:39 pm11:39 pm
5:41 am6:11 am6:24 am 6:56 am 7:13 am CM7:24 am CM7:31 am CM 7:45 am CM7:51 am CM 8:05 am CM 8:26 am CM 8:52 am9:11 am9:41 am OP10:11 am OP10:41 am OP11:11 am OP11:41 am OP12:11 pm OP12:41 pm OP1:11 pm OP1:41 pm OP2:11 pm OP2:41 pm OP3:11 pm OP3:31 pm OP3:41 pm OP 4:11 pm 4:27 pm4:46 pm 5:01 pm 5:21 pm 5:41 pm 6:01 pm 6:21 pm6:31 pm6:46 pm7:21 pm7:41 pm8:11 pm8:41 pm9:41 pm10:41 pm11:41 pm
5:43 am6:13 am6:26 am 6:58 am 7:15 am CM7:26 am CM7:33 am CM 7:47 am CM7:53 am CM 8:07 am CM 8:28 am CM 8:54 am9:13 am9:43 am OP10:13 am OP10:43 am OP11:13 am OP11:43 am OP12:13 pm OP12:43 pm OP1:13 pm OP1:43 pm OP2:13 pm OP2:43 pm OP3:13 pm OP3:33 pm OP3:43 pm OP 4:13 pm 4:29 pm4:48 pm 5:03 pm 5:23 pm 5:43 pm 6:03 pm 6:23 pm6:33 pm6:48 pm7:23 pm7:43 pm8:13 pm8:43 pm9:43 pm10:43 pm11:43 pm
5:45 am6:15 am6:28 am 7:00 am 7:17 am CM7:28 am CM7:35 am CM 7:49 am CM7:55 am CM 8:09 am CM 8:30 am CM 8:56 am9:15 am9:45 am OP10:15 am OP10:45 am OP11:15 am OP11:45 am OP12:15 pm OP12:45 pm OP1:15 pm OP1:45 pm OP2:15 pm OP2:45 pm OP3:15 pm OP3:35 pm OP3:45 pm OP 4:15 pm 4:31 pm4:50 pm 5:05 pm 5:25 pm 5:45 pm 6:05 pm 6:25 pm6:35 pm6:50 pm7:25 pm7:45 pm8:15 pm8:45 pm9:45 pm10:45 pm11:45 pm
5:47 am6:17 am6:30 am 7:02 am 7:19 am CM7:30 am CM7:37 am CM 7:51 am CM7:57 am CM 8:11 am CM 8:32 am CM 8:58 am9:17 am9:47 am OP10:17 am OP10:47 am OP11:17 am OP11:47 am OP12:17 pm OP12:47 pm OP1:17 pm OP1:47 pm OP2:17 pm OP2:47 pm OP3:17 pm OP3:37 pm OP3:47 pm OP 4:17 pm 4:33 pm4:52 pm 5:07 pm 5:27 pm 5:47 pm 6:07 pm 6:27 pm6:37 pm6:52 pm7:27 pm7:47 pm8:17 pm8:47 pm9:47 pm10:47 pm11:47 pm
5:49 am6:19 am6:32 am 7:04 am 7:21 am CM7:32 am CM7:39 am CM 7:53 am CM7:59 am CM 8:13 am CM 8:34 am CM 9:00 am9:19 am9:49 am OP10:19 am OP10:49 am OP11:19 am OP11:49 am OP12:19 pm OP12:49 pm OP1:19 pm OP1:49 pm OP2:19 pm OP2:49 pm OP3:19 pm OP3:39 pm OP3:49 pm OP 4:19 pm 4:35 pm4:54 pm 5:09 pm 5:29 pm 5:49 pm 6:09 pm 6:29 pm6:39 pm6:54 pm7:29 pm7:49 pm8:19 pm8:49 pm9:49 pm10:49 pm11:49 pm
6:00 am6:30 am6:43 am6:56 am7:15 am7:24 am CM7:32 am CM7:43 am CM7:50 am CM7:57 am8:04 am CM8:10 am CM8:14 am CM8:24 am CM8:30 am CM8:45 am CM9:01 am9:11 am9:30 am10:00 am OP10:30 am OP11:00 am OP11:30 am OP12:00 pm OP12:30 pm OP1:00 pm OP1:30 pm OP2:00 pm OP2:30 pm OP3:00 pm OP3:30 pm OP3:50 pm OP4:00 pm OP4:10 pm4:30 pm4:38 pm4:46 pm5:05 pm5:07 pm5:20 pm5:25 pm5:40 pm5:47 pm6:00 pm6:05 pm6:20 pm6:27 pm6:40 pm6:50 pm7:05 pm7:40 pm8:00 pm8:30 pm9:00 pm10:00 pm11:00 pm12:00 am
  • CM - Cycles are excluded from this service when provided by a Matangi train
  • OP - Off Peak fares apply
Alternative Routes:


Fare information:

All weekend services on the Kapiti Line are peak fares.

Relevant Service Updates 3

Additional services for the Hurricanes game Saturday 30 July 2016

Additional seating will operate before and after the event along with special services on Johnsonville, Kapiti and Hutt Valley Lines departing from Wellington after the event. … More Information

Valid from: 30/07/2016 3:00pm
Rail and Maritime Transport Union Stop Work Meeting 28 July

On Thursday 28 July, there will be reduced services on the Johnsonville Line, Kapiti Line and Hutt Valley Line due to a union stop work meeting.… More Information

Valid from: 25/07/2016 12:00am
Extra 112 spaces available at the Porirua Park and Ride

Metlink customers on the Kapiti Line are reminded to use the extra 112 spaces available at the Porirua Park and Ride indicated by the green box on the map below.… More Information

Valid from: 21/07/2016 4:00pm

Kapiti Line (Waikanae - Wellington) route

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