5:32 am B6:02 am6:12 am6:32 am6:42 am B6:57 am7:12 am7:27 am7:42 am B7:57 am8:12 am8:27 am8:57 am9:32 am10:02 am10:32 am11:02 am11:32 am12:02 pm12:32 pm1:02 pm1:32 pm2:02 pm2:32 pm3:02 pm3:32 pm3:47 pm4:02 pm4:17 pm B4:32 pm4:47 pm5:02 pm5:17 pm5:32 pm B5:47 pm6:02 pm6:17 pm6:32 pm B7:02 pm7:32 pm8:02 pm8:32 pm9:02 pm10:02 pm11:02 pm
5:40 am B6:10 am6:20 am6:40 am6:50 am B7:05 am7:20 am7:35 am7:50 am B8:05 am8:20 am8:35 am9:05 am9:40 am10:10 am10:40 am11:10 am11:40 am12:10 pm12:40 pm1:10 pm1:40 pm2:10 pm2:40 pm3:10 pm3:40 pm3:55 pm4:10 pm4:25 pm B4:40 pm4:55 pm5:10 pm5:25 pm5:40 pm B5:55 pm6:10 pm6:25 pm6:40 pm B7:10 pm7:40 pm8:10 pm8:40 pm9:10 pm10:10 pm11:10 pm
5:42 am B6:12 am6:23 am6:42 am6:57 am B7:12 am7:27 am7:42 am7:57 am B8:12 am8:27 am8:42 am9:12 am9:42 am10:12 am10:42 am11:12 am11:42 am12:12 pm12:42 pm1:12 pm1:42 pm2:12 pm2:42 pm3:12 pm3:42 pm3:57 pm4:12 pm4:27 pm B4:42 pm4:57 pm5:12 pm5:27 pm5:42 pm B5:57 pm6:12 pm6:27 pm6:42 pm B7:12 pm7:42 pm8:12 pm8:42 pm9:12 pm10:12 pm11:12 pm
5:44 am B6:14 am6:25 am6:44 am6:59 am B7:14 am7:29 am7:44 am7:59 am B8:14 am8:29 am8:44 am9:14 am9:44 am10:14 am10:44 am11:14 am11:44 am12:14 pm12:44 pm1:14 pm1:44 pm2:14 pm2:44 pm3:14 pm3:44 pm3:59 pm4:14 pm4:29 pm B4:44 pm4:59 pm5:14 pm5:29 pm5:44 pm B5:59 pm6:14 pm6:29 pm6:44 pm B7:14 pm7:44 pm8:14 pm8:44 pm9:14 pm10:14 pm11:14 pm
5:46 am B6:16 am6:27 am6:46 am7:01 am B7:16 am7:31 am7:46 am8:01 am B8:16 am8:31 am8:46 am9:16 am9:46 am10:16 am10:46 am11:16 am11:46 am12:16 pm12:46 pm1:16 pm1:46 pm2:16 pm2:46 pm3:16 pm3:46 pm4:01 pm4:16 pm4:31 pm B4:46 pm5:01 pm5:16 pm5:31 pm5:46 pm B6:01 pm6:16 pm6:31 pm6:46 pm B7:16 pm7:46 pm8:16 pm8:46 pm9:16 pm10:16 pm11:16 pm
5:47 am B6:17 am6:28 am6:47 am7:02 am B7:17 am7:32 am7:47 am8:02 am B8:17 am8:32 am8:47 am9:17 am9:47 am10:17 am10:47 am11:17 am11:47 am12:17 pm12:47 pm1:17 pm1:47 pm2:17 pm2:47 pm3:17 pm3:47 pm4:02 pm4:17 pm4:32 pm B4:47 pm5:02 pm5:17 pm5:32 pm5:47 pm B6:02 pm6:17 pm6:32 pm6:47 pm B7:17 pm7:47 pm8:17 pm8:47 pm9:17 pm10:17 pm11:17 pm
5:50 am B6:20 am6:35 am6:50 am7:05 am B7:20 am7:35 am7:50 am8:05 am B8:20 am8:35 am8:50 am9:20 am9:50 am10:20 am10:50 am11:20 am11:50 am12:20 pm12:50 pm1:20 pm1:50 pm2:20 pm2:50 pm3:20 pm3:50 pm4:05 pm4:20 pm4:35 pm B4:50 pm5:05 pm5:20 pm5:35 pm5:50 pm B6:05 pm6:20 pm6:35 pm6:50 pm B7:20 pm7:50 pm8:20 pm8:50 pm9:20 pm10:20 pm11:20 pm
5:53 am B6:23 am6:38 am6:53 am7:08 am B7:23 am7:38 am7:53 am8:08 am B8:23 am8:38 am8:53 am9:23 am9:53 am10:23 am10:53 am11:23 am11:53 am12:23 pm12:53 pm1:23 pm1:53 pm2:23 pm2:53 pm3:23 pm3:53 pm4:08 pm4:23 pm4:38 pm B4:53 pm5:08 pm5:23 pm5:38 pm5:53 pm B6:08 pm6:23 pm6:38 pm6:53 pm B7:23 pm7:53 pm8:23 pm8:53 pm9:23 pm10:23 pm11:23 pm
5:55 am B6:25 am6:40 am6:55 am7:10 am B7:25 am7:40 am7:55 am8:10 am B8:25 am8:40 am8:55 am9:25 am9:55 am10:25 am10:55 am11:25 am11:55 am12:25 pm12:55 pm1:25 pm1:55 pm2:25 pm2:55 pm3:25 pm3:55 pm4:10 pm4:25 pm4:40 pm B4:55 pm5:10 pm5:25 pm5:40 pm5:55 pm B6:10 pm6:25 pm6:40 pm6:55 pm B7:25 pm7:55 pm8:25 pm8:55 pm9:25 pm10:25 pm11:25 pm
  • B - Replaced by Bus
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Relevant Service Updates 2

We have additional seating and train services for Hurricanes vs Chiefs this Saturday

If you are heading to the Westpac Stadium this Saturday to watch the Hurricanes take on the struggling Chiefs we will have some additional seating and services to help you get home.… More Information

Valid from: 1:30pm on Tuesday 23rd April 2019
23, 24 & 26 April - Additional morning and afternoon Johnsonville Line services replaced by bus

Over the Easter period from 15 to 26 April with public holidays and school holidays we are expecting less passengers over this time as many Wellingtonians, including some of our drivers, are on pre-approved leave.… More Information

Valid from: 9:00am on Monday 15th April 2019

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