5:45 am5:50 am6:05 am6:08 am6:30 am6:42 am6:44 am7:05 am7:08 am7:25 am7:37 am7:45 am8:05 am8:35 am9:05 am OP9:35 am OP10:05 am OP10:35 am OP11:05 am OP11:35 am OP12:05 pm OP12:35 pm OP1:05 pm OP1:35 pm OP2:05 pm OP2:35 pm OP3:05 pm OP3:18 pm OP3:31 pm3:38 pm3:50 pm3:57 pm4:10 pm4:17 pm4:30 pm CM4:37 pm CM4:50 pm CM4:57 pm CM5:11 pm5:13 pm CM5:22 pm CM5:34 pm CM5:43 pm CM5:50 pm CM6:05 pm6:11 pm6:35 pm7:05 pm7:35 pm8:05 pm8:35 pm9:05 pm10:05 pm11:05 pm
 5:57 am 6:15 am  6:51 am 7:15 am 7:44 am 8:12 am8:42 am9:12 am OP9:42 am OP10:12 am OP10:42 am OP11:12 am OP11:42 am OP12:12 pm OP12:42 pm OP1:12 pm OP1:42 pm OP2:12 pm OP2:42 pm OP3:12 pm OP                   6:42 pm7:12 pm7:42 pm8:12 pm8:42 pm9:12 pm10:12 pm11:12 pm
 6:02 am 6:20 am  6:56 am 7:20 am 7:49 am 8:17 am8:47 am9:17 am OP9:47 am OP10:17 am OP10:47 am OP11:17 am OP11:47 am OP12:17 pm OP12:47 pm OP1:17 pm OP1:47 pm OP2:17 pm OP2:47 pm OP3:17 pm OP 3:41 pm 4:00 pm 4:20 pm 4:40 pm CM 5:00 pm CM  5:23 pm CM 5:44 pm CM 6:00 pm CM 6:21 pm6:47 pm7:17 pm7:47 pm8:17 pm8:47 pm9:17 pm10:17 pm11:17 pm
 6:04 am 6:22 am  6:58 am 7:22 am 7:51 am 8:19 am8:49 am9:19 am OP9:49 am OP10:19 am OP10:49 am OP11:19 am OP11:49 am OP12:19 pm OP12:49 pm OP1:19 pm OP1:49 pm OP2:19 pm OP2:49 pm OP3:19 pm OP 3:43 pm 4:02 pm 4:22 pm 4:42 pm CM 5:02 pm CM  5:25 pm CM 5:46 pm CM 6:02 pm CM 6:23 pm6:49 pm7:19 pm7:49 pm8:19 pm8:49 pm9:19 pm10:19 pm11:19 pm
 6:07 am 6:25 am  7:01 am 7:25 am 7:54 am 8:22 am8:52 am9:22 am OP9:52 am OP10:22 am OP10:52 am OP11:22 am OP11:52 am OP12:22 pm OP12:52 pm OP1:22 pm OP1:52 pm OP2:22 pm OP2:52 pm OP3:22 pm OP 3:46 pm 4:05 pm 4:25 pm 4:45 pm CM 5:05 pm CM  5:28 pm CM 5:49 pm CM 6:05 pm CM 6:26 pm6:52 pm7:22 pm7:52 pm8:22 pm8:52 pm9:22 pm10:22 pm11:22 pm
 6:10 am 6:28 am  7:04 am 7:28 am 7:57 am 8:25 am8:55 am9:25 am OP9:55 am OP10:25 am OP10:55 am OP11:25 am OP11:55 am OP12:25 pm OP12:55 pm OP1:25 pm OP1:55 pm OP2:25 pm OP2:55 pm OP3:25 pm OP3:35 pm OP3:49 pm3:55 pm4:08 pm4:14 pm4:28 pm4:34 pm4:48 pm CM4:54 pm CM5:08 pm CM5:14 pm CM5:28 pm5:31 pm CM5:39 pm CM5:52 pm CM6:00 pm CM6:08 pm CM6:22 pm6:29 pm6:55 pm7:25 pm7:55 pm8:25 pm8:55 pm9:25 pm10:25 pm11:25 pm
 6:12 am 6:30 am  7:06 am 7:30 am 7:59 am 8:27 am8:57 am9:27 am OP9:57 am OP10:27 am OP10:57 am OP11:27 am OP11:57 am OP12:27 pm OP12:57 pm OP1:27 pm OP1:57 pm OP2:27 pm OP2:57 pm OP3:27 pm OP 3:51 pm 4:10 pm 4:30 pm 4:50 pm CM 5:10 pm CM  5:33 pm CM 5:54 pm CM 6:10 pm CM 6:31 pm6:57 pm7:27 pm7:57 pm8:27 pm8:57 pm9:27 pm10:27 pm11:27 pm
 6:14 am 6:32 am  7:08 am 7:32 am 8:01 am 8:29 am8:59 am9:29 am OP9:59 am OP10:29 am OP10:59 am OP11:29 am OP11:59 am OP12:29 pm OP12:59 pm OP1:29 pm OP1:59 pm OP2:29 pm OP2:59 pm OP3:29 pm OP 3:53 pm 4:12 pm 4:32 pm 4:52 pm CM 5:12 pm CM  5:35 pm CM 5:56 pm CM 6:12 pm CM 6:33 pm6:59 pm7:29 pm7:59 pm8:29 pm8:59 pm9:29 pm10:29 pm11:29 pm
 6:16 am 6:34 am  7:10 am 7:34 am 8:03 am 8:31 am9:01 am9:31 am OP10:01 am OP10:31 am OP11:01 am OP11:31 am OP12:01 pm OP12:31 pm OP1:01 pm OP1:31 pm OP2:01 pm OP2:31 pm OP3:01 pm OP3:31 pm OP 3:55 pm 4:14 pm 4:34 pm 4:54 pm CM 5:14 pm CM  5:37 pm CM 5:58 pm CM 6:14 pm CM 6:35 pm7:01 pm7:31 pm8:01 pm8:31 pm9:01 pm9:31 pm10:31 pm11:31 pm
6:10 am6:19 am6:30 am6:37 am6:55 am7:07 am7:13 am7:30 am7:37 am7:50 am8:06 am8:10 am8:34 am9:04 am9:34 am OP10:04 am OP10:34 am OP11:04 am OP11:34 am OP12:04 pm OP12:34 pm OP1:04 pm OP1:34 pm OP2:04 pm OP2:34 pm OP3:04 pm OP3:34 pm OP3:41 pm OP3:58 pm4:01 pm4:17 pm4:20 pm4:37 pm4:40 pm4:57 pm CM5:00 pm CM5:17 pm CM5:20 pm CM5:34 pm5:40 pm CM5:45 pm CM6:01 pm CM6:06 pm CM6:17 pm CM6:28 pm6:38 pm7:04 pm7:34 pm8:04 pm8:34 pm9:04 pm9:34 pm10:34 pm11:34 pm
 6:21 am 6:39 am  7:15 am 7:39 am 8:08 am 8:36 am9:06 am9:36 am OP10:06 am OP10:36 am OP11:06 am OP11:36 am OP12:06 pm OP12:36 pm OP1:06 pm OP1:36 pm OP2:06 pm OP2:36 pm OP3:06 pm OP3:36 pm OP3:43 pm OP 4:03 pm 4:22 pm 4:42 pm 5:02 pm CM 5:22 pm CM5:36 pm 5:47 pm CM 6:08 pm CM 6:30 pm 7:06 pm7:36 pm8:06 pm8:36 pm9:06 pm9:36 pm10:36 pm11:36 pm
 6:23 am 6:41 am  7:17 am 7:41 am 8:10 am 8:38 am9:08 am9:38 am OP10:08 am OP10:38 am OP11:08 am OP11:38 am OP12:08 pm OP12:38 pm OP1:08 pm OP1:38 pm OP2:08 pm OP2:38 pm OP3:08 pm OP3:38 pm OP3:45 pm OP 4:05 pm 4:24 pm 4:44 pm 5:04 pm CM 5:24 pm CM5:38 pm 5:49 pm CM 6:10 pm CM 6:32 pm 7:08 pm7:38 pm8:08 pm8:38 pm9:08 pm9:38 pm10:38 pm11:38 pm
 6:26 am 6:44 am  7:20 am 7:44 am 8:13 am 8:41 am9:11 am9:41 am OP10:11 am OP10:41 am OP11:11 am OP11:41 am OP12:11 pm OP12:41 pm OP1:11 pm OP1:41 pm OP2:11 pm OP2:41 pm OP3:11 pm OP3:41 pm OP3:48 pm OP 4:08 pm 4:27 pm 4:47 pm 5:07 pm CM 5:27 pm CM5:41 pm 5:52 pm CM 6:13 pm CM 6:35 pm 7:11 pm7:41 pm8:11 pm8:41 pm9:11 pm9:41 pm10:41 pm11:41 pm
 6:28 am 6:46 am  7:22 am 7:46 am 8:15 am 8:43 am9:13 am9:43 am OP10:13 am OP10:43 am OP11:13 am OP11:43 am OP12:13 pm OP12:43 pm OP1:13 pm OP1:43 pm OP2:13 pm OP2:43 pm OP3:13 pm OP3:43 pm OP3:50 pm OP 4:10 pm 4:29 pm 4:49 pm 5:09 pm CM 5:29 pm CM5:43 pm 5:54 pm CM 6:15 pm CM 6:37 pm 7:13 pm7:43 pm8:13 pm8:43 pm9:13 pm9:43 pm10:43 pm11:43 pm
 6:30 am 6:48 am  7:24 am 7:48 am 8:17 am 8:45 am9:15 am9:45 am OP10:15 am OP10:45 am OP11:15 am OP11:45 am OP12:15 pm OP12:45 pm OP1:15 pm OP1:45 pm OP2:15 pm OP2:45 pm OP3:15 pm OP3:45 pm OP3:52 pm OP 4:12 pm 4:31 pm 4:51 pm 5:11 pm CM 5:31 pm CM5:45 pm 5:56 pm CM 6:17 pm CM 6:39 pm 7:15 pm7:45 pm8:15 pm8:45 pm9:15 pm9:45 pm10:45 pm11:45 pm
 6:33 am 6:51 am  7:27 am 7:51 am 8:20 am 8:48 am9:18 am9:48 am OP10:18 am OP10:48 am OP11:18 am OP11:48 am OP12:18 pm OP12:48 pm OP1:18 pm OP1:48 pm OP2:18 pm OP2:48 pm OP3:18 pm OP3:48 pm OP3:55 pm OP 4:15 pm 4:34 pm 4:54 pm 5:14 pm CM 5:34 pm CM5:48 pm 5:59 pm CM 6:20 pm CM 6:42 pm 7:18 pm7:48 pm8:18 pm8:48 pm9:18 pm9:48 pm10:48 pm11:48 pm
 6:35 am 6:53 am  7:29 am 7:53 am 8:22 am 8:50 am9:20 am9:50 am OP10:20 am OP10:50 am OP11:20 am OP11:50 am OP12:20 pm OP12:50 pm OP1:20 pm OP1:50 pm OP2:20 pm OP2:50 pm OP3:20 pm OP3:50 pm OP3:57 pm OP 4:17 pm 4:36 pm 4:56 pm 5:16 pm CM 5:36 pm CM5:50 pm 6:01 pm CM 6:22 pm CM 6:44 pm 7:20 pm7:50 pm8:20 pm8:50 pm9:20 pm9:50 pm10:50 pm11:50 pm
  • OP - Off Peak fares apply
  • CM - Cycles are excluded from this service

Relevant Service Updates 4

Metlink is resurfacing the subway at Taita Station making it safer for you, from Saturday 3 June - Monday 5 June 2017

Metlink is re-surfacing the subway at Tatia Station making it safer for people to walk on, this means it will be tricky getting to and from the High Street shops via Eastern Hutt Road.… More Information

Valid from: 8:00am on Saturday 3rd June 2017
Buses replace trains - Upcoming planned rail maintenance (29 May - 2 July 2017)

There is still more to be done upgrading the Wellington rail network and buses will be replacing trains on some lines in weekends or other off peak periods:… More Information

Valid from: 4:00am on Monday 29th May 2017
Buses replacing trains on all lines over Queens Birthday Weekend (3-5 June 2017)

Buses are replacing trains on the Kapiti, Hutt Valley, Johnsonville and Wairarapa lines over Queens birthday weekend.… More Information

Valid from: 12:00am on Thursday 18th May 2017
Restricted access to Ava Station due to earthquake damage to the southern bridge

The bridge at the southern end of Ava Station is closed due to earthquake damage.… More Information

Valid from: 1:00pm on Tuesday 14th February 2017

Hutt Valley Line (Upper Hutt - Wellington) route

Tip: you can view the next departures for a stop by clicking on the blue and green Stop icon.