5:45 am5:50 am6:05 am6:08 am6:30 am6:42 am6:44 am7:05 am7:08 am7:25 am7:37 am7:45 am8:05 am8:35 am9:05 am OP9:35 am OP10:05 am OP10:35 am OP11:05 am OP11:35 am OP12:05 pm OP12:35 pm OP1:05 pm OP1:35 pm OP2:05 pm OP2:35 pm OP3:05 pm OP3:18 pm OP3:31 pm3:38 pm3:50 pm3:57 pm4:10 pm4:17 pm4:30 pm CM4:37 pm CM4:50 pm CM4:57 pm CM5:11 pm5:13 pm CM5:22 pm CM5:34 pm CM5:43 pm CM5:50 pm CM6:05 pm6:11 pm6:35 pm7:05 pm7:35 pm8:05 pm8:35 pm9:05 pm10:05 pm11:05 pm
 5:57 am 6:15 am  6:51 am 7:15 am 7:44 am 8:12 am8:42 am9:12 am OP9:42 am OP10:12 am OP10:42 am OP11:12 am OP11:42 am OP12:12 pm OP12:42 pm OP1:12 pm OP1:42 pm OP2:12 pm OP2:42 pm OP3:12 pm OP                   6:42 pm7:12 pm7:42 pm8:12 pm8:42 pm9:12 pm10:12 pm11:12 pm
 6:02 am 6:20 am  6:56 am 7:20 am 7:49 am 8:17 am8:47 am9:17 am OP9:47 am OP10:17 am OP10:47 am OP11:17 am OP11:47 am OP12:17 pm OP12:47 pm OP1:17 pm OP1:47 pm OP2:17 pm OP2:47 pm OP3:17 pm OP 3:41 pm 4:00 pm 4:20 pm 4:40 pm CM 5:00 pm CM  5:23 pm CM 5:44 pm CM 6:00 pm CM 6:21 pm6:47 pm7:17 pm7:47 pm8:17 pm8:47 pm9:17 pm10:17 pm11:17 pm
 6:04 am 6:22 am  6:58 am 7:22 am 7:51 am 8:19 am8:49 am9:19 am OP9:49 am OP10:19 am OP10:49 am OP11:19 am OP11:49 am OP12:19 pm OP12:49 pm OP1:19 pm OP1:49 pm OP2:19 pm OP2:49 pm OP3:19 pm OP 3:43 pm 4:02 pm 4:22 pm 4:42 pm CM 5:02 pm CM  5:25 pm CM 5:46 pm CM 6:02 pm CM 6:23 pm6:49 pm7:19 pm7:49 pm8:19 pm8:49 pm9:19 pm10:19 pm11:19 pm
 6:07 am 6:25 am  7:01 am 7:25 am 7:54 am 8:22 am8:52 am9:22 am OP9:52 am OP10:22 am OP10:52 am OP11:22 am OP11:52 am OP12:22 pm OP12:52 pm OP1:22 pm OP1:52 pm OP2:22 pm OP2:52 pm OP3:22 pm OP 3:46 pm 4:05 pm 4:25 pm 4:45 pm CM 5:05 pm CM  5:28 pm CM 5:49 pm CM 6:05 pm CM 6:26 pm6:52 pm7:22 pm7:52 pm8:22 pm8:52 pm9:22 pm10:22 pm11:22 pm
 6:10 am 6:28 am  7:04 am 7:28 am 7:57 am 8:25 am8:55 am9:25 am OP9:55 am OP10:25 am OP10:55 am OP11:25 am OP11:55 am OP12:25 pm OP12:55 pm OP1:25 pm OP1:55 pm OP2:25 pm OP2:55 pm OP3:25 pm OP3:35 pm OP3:49 pm3:55 pm4:08 pm4:14 pm4:28 pm4:34 pm4:48 pm CM4:54 pm CM5:08 pm CM5:14 pm CM5:28 pm5:31 pm CM5:39 pm CM5:52 pm CM6:00 pm CM6:08 pm CM6:22 pm6:29 pm6:55 pm7:25 pm7:55 pm8:25 pm8:55 pm9:25 pm10:25 pm11:25 pm
 6:12 am 6:30 am  7:06 am 7:30 am 7:59 am 8:27 am8:57 am9:27 am OP9:57 am OP10:27 am OP10:57 am OP11:27 am OP11:57 am OP12:27 pm OP12:57 pm OP1:27 pm OP1:57 pm OP2:27 pm OP2:57 pm OP3:27 pm OP 3:51 pm 4:10 pm 4:30 pm 4:50 pm CM 5:10 pm CM  5:33 pm CM 5:54 pm CM 6:10 pm CM 6:31 pm6:57 pm7:27 pm7:57 pm8:27 pm8:57 pm9:27 pm10:27 pm11:27 pm
 6:14 am 6:32 am  7:08 am 7:32 am 8:01 am 8:29 am8:59 am9:29 am OP9:59 am OP10:29 am OP10:59 am OP11:29 am OP11:59 am OP12:29 pm OP12:59 pm OP1:29 pm OP1:59 pm OP2:29 pm OP2:59 pm OP3:29 pm OP 3:53 pm 4:12 pm 4:32 pm 4:52 pm CM 5:12 pm CM  5:35 pm CM 5:56 pm CM 6:12 pm CM 6:33 pm6:59 pm7:29 pm7:59 pm8:29 pm8:59 pm9:29 pm10:29 pm11:29 pm
 6:16 am 6:34 am  7:10 am 7:34 am 8:03 am 8:31 am9:01 am9:31 am OP10:01 am OP10:31 am OP11:01 am OP11:31 am OP12:01 pm OP12:31 pm OP1:01 pm OP1:31 pm OP2:01 pm OP2:31 pm OP3:01 pm OP3:31 pm OP 3:55 pm 4:14 pm 4:34 pm 4:54 pm CM 5:14 pm CM  5:37 pm CM 5:58 pm CM 6:14 pm CM 6:35 pm7:01 pm7:31 pm8:01 pm8:31 pm9:01 pm9:31 pm10:31 pm11:31 pm
6:10 am6:19 am6:30 am6:37 am6:55 am7:07 am7:13 am7:30 am7:37 am7:50 am8:06 am8:10 am8:34 am9:04 am9:34 am OP10:04 am OP10:34 am OP11:04 am OP11:34 am OP12:04 pm OP12:34 pm OP1:04 pm OP1:34 pm OP2:04 pm OP2:34 pm OP3:04 pm OP3:34 pm OP3:41 pm OP3:58 pm4:01 pm4:17 pm4:20 pm4:37 pm4:40 pm4:57 pm CM5:00 pm CM5:17 pm CM5:20 pm CM5:34 pm5:40 pm CM5:45 pm CM6:01 pm CM6:06 pm CM6:17 pm CM6:28 pm6:38 pm7:04 pm7:34 pm8:04 pm8:34 pm9:04 pm9:34 pm10:34 pm11:34 pm
 6:21 am 6:39 am  7:15 am 7:39 am 8:08 am 8:36 am9:06 am9:36 am OP10:06 am OP10:36 am OP11:06 am OP11:36 am OP12:06 pm OP12:36 pm OP1:06 pm OP1:36 pm OP2:06 pm OP2:36 pm OP3:06 pm OP3:36 pm OP3:43 pm OP 4:03 pm 4:22 pm 4:42 pm 5:02 pm CM 5:22 pm CM5:36 pm 5:47 pm CM 6:08 pm CM 6:30 pm 7:06 pm7:36 pm8:06 pm8:36 pm9:06 pm9:36 pm10:36 pm11:36 pm
 6:23 am 6:41 am  7:17 am 7:41 am 8:10 am 8:38 am9:08 am9:38 am OP10:08 am OP10:38 am OP11:08 am OP11:38 am OP12:08 pm OP12:38 pm OP1:08 pm OP1:38 pm OP2:08 pm OP2:38 pm OP3:08 pm OP3:38 pm OP3:45 pm OP 4:05 pm 4:24 pm 4:44 pm 5:04 pm CM 5:24 pm CM5:38 pm 5:49 pm CM 6:10 pm CM 6:32 pm 7:08 pm7:38 pm8:08 pm8:38 pm9:08 pm9:38 pm10:38 pm11:38 pm
 6:26 am 6:44 am  7:20 am 7:44 am 8:13 am 8:41 am9:11 am9:41 am OP10:11 am OP10:41 am OP11:11 am OP11:41 am OP12:11 pm OP12:41 pm OP1:11 pm OP1:41 pm OP2:11 pm OP2:41 pm OP3:11 pm OP3:41 pm OP3:48 pm OP 4:08 pm 4:27 pm 4:47 pm 5:07 pm CM 5:27 pm CM5:41 pm 5:52 pm CM 6:13 pm CM 6:35 pm 7:11 pm7:41 pm8:11 pm8:41 pm9:11 pm9:41 pm10:41 pm11:41 pm
 6:28 am 6:46 am  7:22 am 7:46 am 8:15 am 8:43 am9:13 am9:43 am OP10:13 am OP10:43 am OP11:13 am OP11:43 am OP12:13 pm OP12:43 pm OP1:13 pm OP1:43 pm OP2:13 pm OP2:43 pm OP3:13 pm OP3:43 pm OP3:50 pm OP 4:10 pm 4:29 pm 4:49 pm 5:09 pm CM 5:29 pm CM5:43 pm 5:54 pm CM 6:15 pm CM 6:37 pm 7:13 pm7:43 pm8:13 pm8:43 pm9:13 pm9:43 pm10:43 pm11:43 pm
 6:30 am 6:48 am  7:24 am 7:48 am 8:17 am 8:45 am9:15 am9:45 am OP10:15 am OP10:45 am OP11:15 am OP11:45 am OP12:15 pm OP12:45 pm OP1:15 pm OP1:45 pm OP2:15 pm OP2:45 pm OP3:15 pm OP3:45 pm OP3:52 pm OP 4:12 pm 4:31 pm 4:51 pm 5:11 pm CM 5:31 pm CM5:45 pm 5:56 pm CM 6:17 pm CM 6:39 pm 7:15 pm7:45 pm8:15 pm8:45 pm9:15 pm9:45 pm10:45 pm11:45 pm
 6:33 am 6:51 am  7:27 am 7:51 am 8:20 am 8:48 am9:18 am9:48 am OP10:18 am OP10:48 am OP11:18 am OP11:48 am OP12:18 pm OP12:48 pm OP1:18 pm OP1:48 pm OP2:18 pm OP2:48 pm OP3:18 pm OP3:48 pm OP3:55 pm OP 4:15 pm 4:34 pm 4:54 pm 5:14 pm CM 5:34 pm CM5:48 pm 5:59 pm CM 6:20 pm CM 6:42 pm 7:18 pm7:48 pm8:18 pm8:48 pm9:18 pm9:48 pm10:48 pm11:48 pm
 6:35 am 6:53 am  7:29 am 7:53 am 8:22 am 8:50 am9:20 am9:50 am OP10:20 am OP10:50 am OP11:20 am OP11:50 am OP12:20 pm OP12:50 pm OP1:20 pm OP1:50 pm OP2:20 pm OP2:50 pm OP3:20 pm OP3:50 pm OP3:57 pm OP 4:17 pm 4:36 pm 4:56 pm 5:16 pm CM 5:36 pm CM5:50 pm 6:01 pm CM 6:22 pm CM 6:44 pm 7:20 pm7:50 pm8:20 pm8:50 pm9:20 pm9:50 pm10:50 pm11:50 pm
  • OP - Off Peak fares apply
  • CM - Cycles are excluded from this service

Relevant Service Updates 3

Buses replace trains - Upcoming planned rail maintenance

There is still more to be done upgrading the Wellington rail network and buses will be replacing trains on some lines in weekends or other off peak periods:… More Information

Valid from: 4:00am on Monday 25th September 2017
There will be more seats to get you home after Wellington Lions vs Otago on Sunday 1 October

Get behind the Lions as they fight for the top of the table against Otago on Sunday 1 October.… More Information

Valid from: 12:00am on Monday 25th September 2017 to: 6:00pm on Sunday 1st October 2017
Submissions are now closed on the proposed Metlink fare changes

The proposed changes include:… More Information

Valid from: 4:00pm on Monday 18th September 2017

Hutt Valley Line (Upper Hutt - Wellington) route

Tip: you can view the next departures for a stop by clicking on the blue and green Stop icon.