4:30 am5:30 am6:00 am 6:20 am 6:40 am C 7:00 am 7:16 am C 7:40 am C 8:00 am 8:20 am C8:40 am9:00 am9:20 am9:40 am10:00 am10:20 am10:40 am11:00 am11:20 am11:40 am12:00 pm12:20 pm12:40 pm1:00 pm1:20 pm1:40 pm2:00 pm2:20 pm2:40 pm3:00 pm3:20 pm3:39 pm4:02 pm4:21 pm  5:04 pm5:22 pm5:41 pm6:07 pm6:30 pm7:00 pm7:30 pm8:00 pm9:00 pm10:00 pm11:00 pm
4:32 am5:32 am6:02 am 6:22 am 6:42 am C 7:02 am 7:18 am C 7:42 am C 8:02 am 8:22 am C8:42 am9:02 am9:22 am9:42 am10:02 am10:22 am10:42 am11:02 am11:22 am11:42 am12:02 pm12:22 pm12:42 pm1:02 pm1:22 pm1:42 pm2:02 pm2:22 pm2:42 pm3:02 pm3:22 pm3:41 pm4:04 pm4:23 pm  5:06 pm5:24 pm5:43 pm6:09 pm6:32 pm7:02 pm7:32 pm8:02 pm9:02 pm10:02 pm11:02 pm
4:35 am5:35 am6:05 am 6:25 am 6:45 am C 7:05 am 7:21 am C 7:45 am C 8:05 am 8:25 am C8:45 am9:05 am9:25 am9:45 am10:05 am10:25 am10:45 am11:05 am11:25 am11:45 am12:05 pm12:25 pm12:45 pm1:05 pm1:25 pm1:45 pm2:05 pm2:25 pm2:45 pm3:05 pm3:25 pm3:44 pm4:07 pm4:26 pm  5:09 pm5:27 pm5:46 pm6:12 pm6:35 pm7:05 pm7:35 pm8:05 pm9:05 pm10:05 pm11:05 pm
4:37 am5:37 am6:07 am 6:27 am 6:47 am C 7:07 am 7:23 am C 7:47 am C 8:07 am 8:27 am C8:47 am9:07 am9:27 am9:47 am10:07 am10:27 am10:47 am11:07 am11:27 am11:47 am12:07 pm12:27 pm12:47 pm1:07 pm1:27 pm1:47 pm2:07 pm2:27 pm2:47 pm3:07 pm3:27 pm3:46 pm4:09 pm4:28 pm  5:11 pm5:29 pm5:48 pm6:14 pm6:37 pm7:07 pm7:37 pm8:07 pm9:07 pm10:07 pm11:07 pm
4:39 am5:39 am6:10 am 6:30 am 6:50 am C 7:10 am 7:26 am C 7:50 am C 8:10 am 8:29 am C8:49 am9:09 am9:29 am9:49 am10:09 am10:29 am10:49 am11:09 am11:29 am11:49 am12:09 pm12:29 pm12:49 pm1:09 pm1:29 pm1:49 pm2:09 pm2:29 pm2:49 pm3:09 pm3:29 pm3:48 pm4:11 pm4:31 pm  5:13 pm5:31 pm5:50 pm6:16 pm6:39 pm7:09 pm7:39 pm8:09 pm9:09 pm10:09 pm11:09 pm
4:42 am5:42 am6:12 am 6:32 am 6:52 am C 7:12 am 7:28 am C 7:52 am C 8:12 am 8:32 am C8:52 am9:12 am9:32 am9:52 am10:12 am10:32 am10:52 am11:12 am11:32 am11:52 am12:12 pm12:32 pm12:52 pm1:12 pm1:32 pm1:52 pm2:12 pm2:32 pm2:52 pm3:12 pm3:32 pm3:51 pm4:14 pm4:33 pm  5:16 pm5:34 pm5:53 pm6:19 pm6:42 pm7:12 pm7:42 pm8:12 pm9:12 pm10:12 pm11:12 pm
4:44 am5:44 am6:15 am 6:35 am 6:55 am C 7:15 am 7:31 am C 7:55 am C 8:15 am 8:34 am C8:54 am9:14 am9:34 am9:54 am10:14 am10:34 am10:54 am11:14 am11:34 am11:54 am12:14 pm12:34 pm12:54 pm1:14 pm1:34 pm1:54 pm2:14 pm2:34 pm2:54 pm3:14 pm3:34 pm3:53 pm4:16 pm4:36 pm  5:18 pm5:36 pm5:55 pm6:21 pm6:44 pm7:14 pm7:44 pm8:14 pm9:14 pm10:14 pm11:14 pm
4:46 am5:46 am6:17 am6:20 am6:37 am6:40 am6:57 am C7:00 am C7:17 am7:20 am C7:33 am C7:37 am C7:57 am C8:00 am C8:17 am8:20 am C8:36 am C8:56 am9:16 am9:36 am9:56 am10:16 am10:36 am10:56 am11:16 am11:36 am11:56 am12:16 pm12:36 pm12:56 pm1:16 pm1:36 pm1:56 pm2:16 pm2:36 pm2:56 pm3:16 pm3:36 pm3:55 pm4:18 pm4:38 pm4:42 pm5:01 pm5:20 pm5:38 pm5:57 pm6:23 pm6:46 pm7:16 pm7:46 pm8:16 pm9:16 pm10:16 pm11:16 pm
4:49 am5:49 am 6:22 am 6:42 am 7:02 am C 7:22 am C 7:39 am C 8:02 am C 8:22 am C8:39 am C8:59 am9:19 am9:39 am9:59 am10:19 am10:39 am10:59 am11:19 am11:39 am11:59 am12:19 pm12:39 pm12:59 pm1:19 pm1:39 pm1:59 pm2:19 pm2:39 pm2:59 pm3:19 pm3:39 pm3:58 pm4:21 pm 4:44 pm5:03 pm5:23 pm5:41 pm6:00 pm6:26 pm6:49 pm7:19 pm7:49 pm8:19 pm9:19 pm10:19 pm11:19 pm
4:51 am5:51 am 6:24 am 6:44 am 7:04 am C 7:24 am C 7:41 am C 8:04 am C 8:24 am C8:41 am C9:01 am9:21 am9:41 am10:01 am10:21 am10:41 am11:01 am11:21 am11:41 am12:01 pm12:21 pm12:41 pm1:01 pm1:21 pm1:41 pm2:01 pm2:21 pm2:41 pm3:01 pm3:21 pm3:41 pm4:00 pm4:23 pm 4:46 pm5:05 pm5:25 pm5:43 pm6:02 pm6:28 pm6:51 pm7:21 pm7:51 pm8:21 pm9:21 pm10:21 pm11:21 pm
4:53 am5:53 am 6:26 am 6:46 am 7:06 am C 7:26 am C 7:43 am C 8:06 am C 8:26 am C8:43 am C9:03 am9:23 am9:43 am10:03 am10:23 am10:43 am11:03 am11:23 am11:43 am12:03 pm12:23 pm12:43 pm1:03 pm1:23 pm1:43 pm2:03 pm2:23 pm2:43 pm3:03 pm3:23 pm3:43 pm4:02 pm4:25 pm 4:48 pm5:07 pm5:27 pm5:45 pm6:04 pm6:30 pm6:53 pm7:23 pm7:53 pm8:23 pm9:23 pm10:23 pm11:23 pm
4:55 am5:55 am6:22 am6:28 am6:42 am6:48 am7:02 am C7:08 am C7:22 am7:28 am C7:38 am C7:45 am C8:02 am C8:08 am C8:22 am8:28 am C8:45 am C9:05 am9:25 am9:45 am10:05 am10:25 am10:45 am11:05 am11:25 am11:45 am12:05 pm12:25 pm12:45 pm1:05 pm1:25 pm1:45 pm2:05 pm2:25 pm2:45 pm3:05 pm3:25 pm3:45 pm4:04 pm4:27 pm4:43 pm4:50 pm5:09 pm5:29 pm5:47 pm6:06 pm6:32 pm6:55 pm7:25 pm7:55 pm8:25 pm9:25 pm10:25 pm11:25 pm
4:58 am5:58 am 6:30 am 6:50 am 7:10 am C 7:30 am C 7:47 am C 8:10 am C 8:30 am C8:48 am C9:08 am9:28 am9:48 am10:08 am10:28 am10:48 am11:08 am11:28 am11:48 am12:08 pm12:28 pm12:48 pm1:08 pm1:28 pm1:48 pm2:08 pm2:28 pm2:48 pm3:08 pm3:28 pm3:48 pm4:07 pm4:30 pm 4:52 pm5:11 pm5:32 pm5:50 pm6:09 pm6:35 pm6:58 pm7:28 pm7:58 pm8:28 pm9:28 pm10:28 pm11:28 pm
5:01 am6:01 am 6:32 am 6:52 am 7:12 am C 7:32 am C 7:49 am C 8:12 am C 8:32 am C8:51 am C9:11 am9:31 am9:51 am10:11 am10:31 am10:51 am11:11 am11:31 am11:51 am12:11 pm12:31 pm12:51 pm1:11 pm1:31 pm1:51 pm2:11 pm2:31 pm2:51 pm3:11 pm3:31 pm3:51 pm4:10 pm4:33 pm 4:54 pm5:13 pm5:35 pm5:53 pm6:12 pm6:38 pm7:01 pm7:31 pm8:01 pm8:31 pm9:31 pm10:31 pm11:31 pm
5:03 am6:03 am 6:36 am 6:56 am 7:16 am C 7:36 am C 7:53 am C 8:16 am C 8:36 am C8:53 am C9:13 am9:33 am9:53 am10:13 am10:33 am10:53 am11:13 am11:33 am11:53 am12:13 pm12:33 pm12:53 pm1:13 pm1:33 pm1:53 pm2:13 pm2:33 pm2:53 pm3:13 pm3:33 pm3:53 pm4:12 pm4:35 pm 4:58 pm5:17 pm5:37 pm5:55 pm6:14 pm6:40 pm7:03 pm7:33 pm8:03 pm8:33 pm9:33 pm10:33 pm11:33 pm
5:09 am6:09 am              8:59 am C9:19 am9:39 am9:59 am10:19 am10:39 am10:59 am11:19 am11:39 am11:59 am12:19 pm12:39 pm12:59 pm1:19 pm1:39 pm1:59 pm2:19 pm2:39 pm2:59 pm3:19 pm3:39 pm3:59 pm4:18 pm4:41 pm   5:43 pm6:01 pm6:20 pm6:46 pm7:09 pm7:39 pm8:09 pm8:39 pm9:39 pm10:39 pm11:39 pm
5:15 am6:15 am6:38 am6:47 am6:58 am7:07 am7:18 am C7:27 am C7:38 am7:47 am C7:54 am C8:04 am C8:18 am C8:27 am C8:38 am8:47 am C9:05 am C9:25 am9:45 am10:05 am10:25 am10:45 am11:05 am11:25 am11:45 am12:05 pm12:25 pm12:45 pm1:05 pm1:25 pm1:45 pm2:05 pm2:25 pm2:45 pm3:05 pm3:25 pm3:45 pm4:05 pm4:24 pm4:47 pm4:59 pm5:10 pm5:30 pm5:49 pm6:07 pm6:26 pm6:52 pm7:15 pm7:45 pm8:15 pm8:45 pm9:45 pm10:45 pm11:45 pm
  • C - Cycles are excluded from this service
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Relevant Service Updates 4

Buses replace trains - Upcoming planned rail maintenance from 20 May 2019

For more information about the maintenance that occurs on the network during bus replacements visit our Maintaining our Railways page.… More Information

Valid from: 4:00am on Monday 20th May 2019
Buses replace some train services on the Hutt Valley Line between Wellington and Upper Hutt - Saturday 18 - Wednesday 22 May

Buses will be replacing all trains on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May as well as some evening train services from Monday 20 until Wednesday May.… More Information

Valid from: 5:30pm on Tuesday 14th May 2019
Footpath closed until further notice

Due to the demolition of the old bus depot building at Waterloo Station we have had to close the current carpark area and the footpath accessing the platform.… More Information

Valid from: 12:00am on Friday 10th May 2019
Replace your old station to station 10-Trip train ticket with the zone-based tickets and get around different parts of Greater Wellington

In July we introduced the all new 10-Trip tickets which are zone-based, allowing you to travel anywhere in Wellington on any of our train services between the zones on your ticket!… More Information

Valid from: 9:00am on Friday 7th December 2018

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