Sacred Heart College - Hautana Street (school stop)
Belmont Flat - Western Hutt Road (northbound)
Silverstream Station - Fergusson Drive (St Patrick's College)
Fergusson Drive at Perry Street
Fergusson Drive at Kiwi Street
Fergusson Drive at Golf Road
Fergusson Drive at Barton Road
Trentham Memorial Park (near 441)
Fergusson Drive at Brentwood Street
Fergusson Drive at Sandford Street
Fergusson Drive at Trentham School
Fergusson Drive opposite Refreshment Place
Fergusson Rest Home (near 657)
Fergusson Drive at Golders Road (near 699)
Fergusson Drive at Broadway Shops
Fergusson Drive at Fraser Crescent
Upper Hutt - Senior Citizens Club
Upper Hutt Station - Stop A
Fergusson Drive at Ebdentown Street
Fergusson Drive at Kashmir Avenue (near 1025)
Fergusson Drive (near 1055)
Fergusson Drive (near 1087)
Fergusson Drive at Cruickshank Road (near 1125)
Fergusson Drive opposite Mangaroa Hill Road
Fergusson Drive (near 1238)
Fergusson Drive at Radiata Grove
Akatarawa Road at Brown Owl Shops
Akatarawa Road at Pokaka Street
Akatarawa Road - Akatarawa Store
Akatarawa Road - Birchville Picnic Area
Birchville School opposite Gemstone Drive
Gemstone Drive opposite Crystal Grove
Gemstone Drive opposite Jasper Grove
Emerald Hill - Gemstone Drive
Topaz Street opposite Pearl Grove
3:25 pm TS
3:33 pm TS
3:46 pm TS
3:46 pm TS
3:47 pm TS
3:47 pm TS
3:48 pm TS
3:49 pm TS
3:50 pm TS
3:50 pm TS
3:51 pm TS
3:52 pm TS
3:52 pm TS
3:53 pm TS
3:53 pm TS
3:54 pm TS
3:55 pm TS
3:55 pm TS
3:57 pm TS
3:58 pm TS
3:58 pm TS
3:59 pm TS
4:00 pm TS
4:01 pm TS
4:02 pm TS
4:03 pm TS
4:04 pm TS
4:05 pm TS
4:06 pm TS
4:07 pm TS
4:07 pm TS
4:08 pm TS
4:09 pm TS
4:09 pm TS
4:10 pm TS
  • TS - School Bus - Operates during school term only. At request of school the Tuesday service from Sacred Heart now departs at same time as rest of week.
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Upper Hutt - Sacred Heart College route

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