Eastbourne Terminus
Muritai Road at Tawa Street (near 446)
Muritai Road at Nikau Street (near 416)
Muritai Road at Kowhai Street (near 378)
Muritai Road at Konini Street (near 332)
Muritai Road at Hinau Street (near 314)
Muritai Road at Ngaio Street (near 272)
Muritai Road at Titoki Street
Muritai Road at Makaro Gardens
Muritai Road at Eastbourne Village
Muritai Road at Houhere Terrace (near 108)
Muritai Road at Marine Parade (near 5)
Days Bay - Moana Road
Days Bay Wharf
Days Bay at Ferry Road
Marine Drive near Sunshine Bay
Marine Drive near Mahina Bay
Mahina Bay - Rangiuru Road (opposite)
Marine Drive near York Bay
Marine Drive near Lowry Bay
Point Howard
Seaview Marina - Seaview Road
Seaview Road - Mobil Terminal
Seaview Road at Barnes Street (near 58)
Seaview Road - opposite Caltex Terminal
Seaview Road - Placemakers (opposite)
Seaview Road at Parkside Road (near 36)
Hutt Park - Seaview Road
Randwick Road at Tirangi Road
Randwick Road at Moera Shops
Randwick Road at Moera Library
Ludlam Crescent at Wai-iti Crescent (near 41)
Sacred Heart College - Hautana Street (school stop)
Knights Road at Chilton St James School
Waterloo Road at St Bernard's College (opposite)
Waterloo Road at Chilton St James
Kings Crescent at Pretoria Street (near 85)
Kings Crescent at Brunswick Street (near 111)
St Oran's College (school stop)
7:40 am S
7:41 am S
7:42 am S
7:42 am S
7:43 am S
7:43 am S
7:44 am S
7:45 am S
7:45 am S
7:46 am S
7:47 am S
7:47 am S
7:49 am S
7:49 am S
7:50 am S
7:51 am S
7:53 am S
7:54 am S
7:55 am S
7:57 am S
7:59 am S
8:01 am S
8:02 am S
8:03 am S
8:04 am S
8:04 am S
8:05 am S
8:06 am S
8:07 am S
8:08 am S
8:08 am S
8:10 am S
8:12 am S
8:14 am S
8:16 am S
8:17 am S
8:19 am S
8:20 am S
8:22 am S
  • S - School Bus - Operates on school days only

Eastbourne - Hutt Central Schools route

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