Wainuiomata South - Hine Road
Hine Road (near 106)
Hine Road (near 68)
Hine Road at Homedale Road (near 38)
Coast Road (near 53)
Parenga Street at Ngaturi Grove
Wood Street at Parenga Street
Wood Street (near 56)
Wood Street at Faulke Avenue
Wainuiomata Bus Depot - Main Road
Main Road at Wainuiomata Village
Main Road at Stanley Street
Main Road at Short Street
Main Road at Bledisloe Crescent
Wainuiomata Shopping Centre - Fitzherbert Road
Fitzherbert Road (near 5)
Nelson Crescent at Miles Crescent
Nelson Crescent at Wise Street (near 17)
Wise Street at Thirlmere Street (near 21)
Wise Street at Derwent Street (near 39)
Wise Street (near 89)
Wise Street at Pencarrow Crescent (near 127)
Norfolk Street (near 28)
Wellington Road at Hamstead Street
Wellington Road at Arakura Park (near 273)
Wellington Road at Bexley Grove
Wellington Road at Stockdale Street (near 325)
Wainuiomata North - Ipswich Grove
Wellington Road at Stockdale Street (near 310)
Wellington Road at Kew Grove
Wellington Road at Arakura Park (near 242)
Wellington Road at Whitehall Street
Wellington Road at Norfolk Street (near 186)
Wellington Road at Kent Street (near 164)
Wellington Road at Dublin Street (near 128)
Wellington Road at Dover Road
Wellington Road at Devon Street (near 52)
Wellington Road at Parkway (near 13)
Frederick Wise Park - Parkway
Wainuiomata High School - Parkway
Wainuiomata Intermediate School (school stop)
St Claudine Thevenet School (school stop)
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Wainuiomata - Wainuiomata High, Intermediate & St Claudine Thevenet Schools route

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