Bottom of Dowse Drive
Dowse Drive at Magnolia Grove (near 23)
Dowse Drive (opposite 56)
Dowse Drive at Bushey Way
Dowse Drive (near 111)
Dowse Drive at Barberry Grove
Maungaraki Shops - Dowse Drive
Dowse Drive at Acacia Avenue (near 215)
Miromiro Road (near 303)
St Aidan's Church (near 211)
Pokohiwi Road at Poto Road
Pokohiwi Road (near 29)
Pekanga Road at Taka Grove
Pekanga Road at Christina Grove (near 10)
Normandale Road near Jubilee Park
Queens Drive at Central Library (opposite)
Knights Road at Ss Peter and Paul School
Hutt Valley High School (opposite)
Woburn Road at Hutt Recreation Ground
Sacred Heart College - Hautana Street (school stop)
Hutt Intermediate School
Knights Road at Mahoe Street
Waterloo Road at St Bernard's College (opposite)
Waterloo Road at Chilton St James
Kings Crescent at Pretoria Street (near 85)
Kings Crescent at Brunswick Street (near 111)
High Street at Knox Presbyterian Church
St Oran's College (school stop)
8:00 am S8:05 am S
8:01 am S8:06 am S
8:01 am S8:06 am S
8:02 am S8:07 am S
8:02 am S8:07 am S
8:03 am S8:08 am S
8:03 am S8:08 am S
8:04 am S8:09 am S
8:06 am S8:11 am S
8:06 am S8:11 am S
8:07 am S8:12 am S
8:07 am S8:12 am S
8:08 am S8:13 am S
8:09 am S8:14 am S
8:10 am S8:15 am S
8:13 am S8:18 am S
8:15 am S8:20 am S
8:17 am S8:22 am S
8:18 am S8:23 am S
8:21 am S8:26 am S
8:24 am S8:29 am S
8:26 am S8:31 am S
8:30 am S8:35 am S
8:32 am S8:37 am S
8:35 am S8:40 am S
8:37 am S8:42 am S
8:39 am S8:44 am S
8:40 am S8:45 am S
  • S - School Bus - Operates during school terms only
Alternative Routes:

852 Hutt Schools - Maungaraki

Maungaraki & Normandale - Hutt Central Schools route

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