Stokes Valley Terminus - Rakau Grove
Stokes Valley Road (near 482)
Stokes Valley Road opposite Kamahi Street
Stokes Valley Road at Manuka Street (near 370)
George Street at Stokes Valley Road (near 410)
George Street at Chittick Street (near 342)
Stokes Valley Road at Chittick Street (near 30)
Stokes Valley Road at Milton Street (near 280)
Stokes Valley Road at Delaney Park
Hawthorn Crescent at Stokes Valley Road
Hawthorn Crescent at Glen Road (near 25)
Tawhai School - Glen Road
The Glen - Tawhai Street (near 17)
Tawhai Street (near 59)
The Glen - Horoeka Street (near 100)
Horoeka Street at Lowry Crescent (near 52)
The Glen - Horoeka Street at Glen Road (near 2)
Glen Road at Stokes Valley Road
Tui Glen School (near 135)
Stokes Valley Road at Hawthorn Crescent
Stokes Valley Shops - Bowers Street
Stokes Valley Shops - George Street
Logie Street (near 39)
Logie Street at Fenchurch Grove Walkway
Logie Street at Shaftsbury Grove
Holborn Drive at Aldersgate Grove
Holborn Drive (near 172)
Holborn Drive at Greenwich Grove (near 136)
Holborn Drive (near 106)
Holborn Drive (near 74)
Holborn Drive opposite Harold Grove
Holborn Drive (near 12)
Holborn Drive at Stokes Valley Road
Stokes Valley Entrance - Stop B
High Street at The Glade
High Street at Farmer Crescent (near 1348)
High Street at Petherick Street
High Street at Watkins Grove
Taita Station - High Street - Stop A
High Street opposite Macky Street
High Street at Burcham Street (near 1112)
Avalon Intermediate School (school stop)
8:00 am S
8:01 am S
8:01 am S
8:02 am S
8:02 am S
8:03 am S
8:04 am S
8:04 am S
8:04 am S
8:05 am S
8:06 am S
8:06 am S
8:07 am S
8:08 am S
8:08 am S
8:09 am S
8:10 am S
8:10 am S
8:11 am S
8:11 am S
8:12 am S
8:12 am S
8:13 am S
8:14 am S
8:14 am S
8:14 am S
8:15 am S
8:16 am S
8:16 am S
8:17 am S
8:17 am S
8:17 am S
8:18 am S
8:19 am S
8:22 am S
8:23 am S
8:24 am S
8:24 am S
8:25 am S
8:26 am S
8:27 am S
8:30 am S
  • S - School Bus - Operates during school term only
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Stokes Valley - Avalon Intermediate School route

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