Hutt Intermediate School
Waterloo Road opposite St Bernard's College
Waterloo Road at Chilton St James
High Street at Melling Road
Ropata Medical Centre (near 583)
High Street opposite Knox Presbyterian Church
Hutt Hospital - High Street (opposite)
Boulcott Village (near 71)
High Street at Thornycroft Avenue (near 773)
High Street at Kingston Street
High Street at Park Avenue
Naenae College - High Street (near 899)
High Street at Tennyson Avenue
High Street at Mabey Road
High Street at Avalon Intermediate School
High Street at Burcham Street (near 1105)
High Street at Macky Street
Taita Station - High Street - Stop B
High Street at Biddle Crescent
High Street at Partridge Street
High Street at Farmer Crescent (near 1341)
High Street at The Links
High Street at The Endway
Stokes Valley Entrance - Stop A
Stokes Valley Road at George Street (near 55)
Stokes Valley Road (near 95)
Glen Road at Takanini Grove
Hawthorn Crescent at Glen Road (near 28)
Hawthorn Crescent at Stokes Valley Road (near 4)
Stokes Valley Shops - Stokes Valley Road (opposite)
Stokes Valley Road (near 225)
Stokes Valley Road at Milton Street (near 255)
Stokes Valley Road at Chittick Street (near 275)
George Street at Chittick Street (near 333)
George Street at Stokes Valley Road
Stokes Valley Road at Manuka Street (near 357)
Stokes Valley Road at Kamahi Street
Stokes Valley Road (near 479)
Stokes Valley Terminus - Rakau Grove
3:10 pm S
3:20 pm S
3:21 pm S
3:24 pm S
3:25 pm S
3:26 pm S
3:27 pm S
3:28 pm S
3:29 pm S
3:29 pm S
3:30 pm S
3:31 pm S
3:33 pm S
3:34 pm S
3:35 pm S
3:36 pm S
3:37 pm S
3:39 pm S
3:40 pm S
3:41 pm S
3:42 pm S
3:43 pm S
3:44 pm S
3:48 pm S
3:48 pm S
3:49 pm S
3:50 pm S
3:51 pm S
3:52 pm S
3:53 pm S
3:53 pm S
3:54 pm S
3:54 pm S
3:55 pm S
3:56 pm S
3:57 pm S
3:58 pm S
3:59 pm S
4:00 pm S
  • S - School Bus - Operates during school term only
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COVID-19: Bus, train, and ferry services under level one

Metlink has announced that fares will return across the region on July 1 now that New Zealand has moved to alert level 1 and physical distancing restrictions have been lifted.… More Information

Valid from: 12:00am on Monday 8th June 2020

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Hutt Intermediate School, St Bernard's College, Chilton St James School & St Oran’s College - Stokes Valley route

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