St Patrick's College - Evans Bay Parade
Rongotai Road at Childers Terrace
Crawford Road at Kilbirnie Tennis Club
Crawford Road opposite Wellington Road
Constable Street at Coromandel Street
Constable Street at Owen Street (near 84)
Constable Street at Riddiford Street
Riddiford Street near Donald Mclean Street
Rintoul Street (near 191)
Luxford St at Berhampore Shops (opposite)
Adelaide Road (near 493)
Adelaide Road at Dawson Street
Adelaide Road (near 559)
Adelaide Road at Dover Street
The Parade (near 21)
The Parade (near 103)
Island Bay Shops - The Parade
The Parade (near 225)
Humber Street at The Parade (school stop)
Severn Street (near 55) (school stop)
Severn Street (near 121) (school stop)
Frobisher Street at Teme Way
Frobisher Street (near 35)
Frobisher Street (near 53)
Frobisher Street (near 75)
Frobisher Street at Murchison Street
Murchison Street at Jordan Street
Murchison Street at Domanski Crescent
Murchison Street at Happy Valley Park
Happy Valley Road (opposite 165) (school stop)
Happy Valley Road near Owhiro Bay School (school stop)
Happy Valley Road (near 88) (school stop)
Happy Valley Road (near 70) (school stop)
Happy Valley Road (near 30) (school stop)
Owhiro Bay - Happy Valley Road (near 4)
The Esplanade (near 432)
The Esplanade (near 354)
The Esplanade at Beach Street (near 300)
Island Bay - Reef Street opposite Shorland Park
3:30 pm S
3:32 pm S
3:33 pm S
3:34 pm S
3:35 pm S
3:36 pm S
3:37 pm S
3:38 pm S
3:40 pm S
3:41 pm S
3:41 pm S
3:42 pm S
3:42 pm S
3:44 pm S
3:44 pm S
3:45 pm S
3:46 pm S
3:47 pm S
3:48 pm S
3:50 pm S
3:51 pm S
3:52 pm S
3:52 pm S
3:52 pm S
3:53 pm S
3:54 pm S
3:54 pm S
3:55 pm S
3:56 pm S
3:57 pm S
3:58 pm S
3:59 pm S
3:59 pm S
4:00 pm S
4:00 pm S
4:02 pm S
4:03 pm S
4:04 pm S
4:06 pm S
  • S - School Bus - Operates during school term only
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St Patrick's & St Catherine's Colleges - Newtown - Berhampore - Island Bay - Owhiro Bay route

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