Rongotai College (school grounds)
St Patrick's College - Evans Bay Parade
Kilbirnie Library - Kilbirnie Crescent (opposite)
Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre (opposite)
Basin Reserve (school stop)
Taranaki Street (near 217)
Massey University - Wallace Street
Wallace Street at Howard Street
Wallace Street at John Street (near 143)
National Dance and Drama Centre - Stop B
Finnimore Terrace at Dransfield Street
Short Street at Liardet Street
McColl Street at Krull Street (near 9)
Balfour Street (near 82)
Balfour Street (opposite 81)
Balfour Street (near 54)
Balfour Street (near 24)
Farnham Street at Vogeltown Terminus
Priscilla Crescent at Breton Grove (near 41)
Halifax Street (near 24)
Kingston Shops
Quebec Street at Baffin Grove (near 6)
The Ridgeway at Wentworth Street (near 130)
The Ridgeway at Mornington Road
Mills Road at Vennell Street (near 48)
Mills Road at Veronica Street (near 26)
Washington Avenue at Connaught Terrace
Washington Avenue (near 104)
Brooklyn School - Washington Avenue
Brooklyn Library
Brooklyn Village - Cleveland Street
Todman Street (near 53)
Todman Street at Mitchell Street (near 97)
Mitchell Street (near 38)
Apuka Street at Mitchell Street
Karepa Street at Apuka Street (near 57)
Karepa Street (near 73)
Karepa Street at Ashton Fitchett Drive (near 125)
Karepa Street (near 175)
Karepa Street at Mitchell Street
Mitchell Street at Hoover Street (near 129)
Mitchell Street at Phoenix Way (near 157)
Mitchell Street at Virginia Grove
Mitchell Street (near 207)
Kowhai Park - Mitchell Street
3:30 pm S
3:34 pm S
3:36 pm S
3:36 pm S
3:44 pm S
3:47 pm S
3:48 pm S
3:49 pm S
3:50 pm S
3:50 pm S
3:52 pm S
3:53 pm S
3:53 pm S
3:54 pm S
3:54 pm S
3:55 pm S
3:56 pm S
3:57 pm S
3:58 pm S
3:58 pm S
3:59 pm S
4:00 pm S
4:01 pm S
4:02 pm S
4:03 pm S
4:03 pm S
4:04 pm S
4:05 pm S
4:06 pm S
4:06 pm S
4:07 pm S
4:08 pm S
4:08 pm S
4:09 pm S
4:10 pm S
4:10 pm S
4:10 pm S
4:11 pm S
4:12 pm S
4:12 pm S
4:13 pm S
4:13 pm S
4:14 pm S
4:15 pm S
4:15 pm S
  • S - School Bus - Operates during school terms only

Rongotai, St Pat's, & Basin - Vogeltown, Kingston & Kowhai Park route

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