St Patrick's College - Evans Bay Parade
Kilbirnie Crescent at Childers Terrace
Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre (opposite)
Hamilton Road at Wellington Road (near 124)
Kupe Street at Moxham Avenue
Moxham Avenue near Goa Street
Moxham Avenue at Raupo Street (near 88)
Basin Reserve (school stop)
Taranaki Street at Abel Smith Street
Taranaki Street at Vivian Street
Ghuznee Street at Cuba Street
Ghuznee Street at Willis Street
The Terrace at Ghuznee Street
Salamanca Road at The Terrace
Victoria University - Kelburn Parade
Upland Road (near 39)
Kelburn Village - Upland Road (St Michael's)
Kelburn Normal School - Upland Rd (opposite)
Glenmore Street at Karori Tunnel
Zealandia - Northland Tunnel Road
Northland Tunnel (opposite Putnam Street)
Northland Village - Northland Road
Northland Road (near 87)
Northland Road at Kaihuia Street
Northland Road at Pembroke Road
Pembroke Road (near 19)
Pembroke Road at Cheshire Street
Pembroke Road at Huntingdon Street (near 117)
Pembroke Road at Hereford Street
Pembroke Road (near 203)
Mairangi Road (near 217)
Mairangi Road opposite Denbigh Way
Mairangi Road at Dorset Way
Mairangi Road at Rutland Way (near 92)
Mairangi Road at Norwich Street
Wilton Road (near 79)
Wilton Park - Wilton Road (near 185)
Wilton - Surrey Street
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3:30 pm S
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3:51 pm S
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3:56 pm S
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4:01 pm S
4:01 pm S
4:02 pm S
4:02 pm S
4:03 pm S
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4:09 pm S
4:10 pm S
  • S - School Bus - Operates on school days only

St. Patrick's & Wellington College - Wilton via Northland route

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