Wellington College (school grounds)
Cambridge Terrace at Barker Street
Cambridge Terrace at Vivian Street
Thorndon Quay - Capital Gateway (opposite)
Thorndon Quay at Davis Street (near 125)
Thorndon Quay (near 199)
Thorndon Quay at Motorway (near 243 - Northbound)
Hutt Road at Sar Street
Hutt Road at Aotea Quay
Kaiwharawhara Road at Hutt Road (near 7)
Kaiwharawhara Road (near 33)
Kaiwharawhara Road (Ngaio Gorge Track)
Ngaio Gorge Road (opposite 105)
Ngaio Gorge Road (opposite 65)
Perth Street at Ngaio Gorge Road
Perth Street at Orari Street Walkway
Perth Street at Crofton Road
Cockayne Road at Quetta Street
Cockayne Road (near 196)
Cockayne Road at Bankot Crescent (near 156)
Punjab Street at Cockayne Road
Punjab Street at Waru Street
Waru Street at Calcutta Street
Calcutta Street (near 30)
Cockayne Road at Nairnville Park
Clutha Avenue (near 40)
Clutha Avenue at Nicholson Road (near 6)
Khandallah Village - Stop B
Everest Street at Ganges Road
Everest Street at Izard Road
Ranui Crescent at Cashmere Avenue
Cashmere Avenue School (opposite)
Cashmere Avenue at Mandalay Terrace
Mandalay Terrace (near 27)
Mandalay Terrace at Narbada Crescent
Homebush Road opposite Benares Street
Homebush Road (near 90)
Homebush Road (near 70)
Homebush Road (near 29)
Homebush Road at Onslow Road
Onslow Road (opposite 47)
Onslow Alms - Onslow Road (opposite)
Hutt Road opposite Rangiora Avenue
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3:28 pm S
3:36 pm S
3:36 pm S
3:37 pm S
3:38 pm S
3:38 pm S
3:40 pm S
3:41 pm S
3:42 pm S
3:43 pm S
3:44 pm S
3:45 pm S
3:46 pm S
3:47 pm S
3:47 pm S
3:48 pm S
3:49 pm S
3:49 pm S
3:50 pm S
3:51 pm S
3:51 pm S
3:52 pm S
3:53 pm S
3:53 pm S
3:54 pm S
3:54 pm S
3:55 pm S
3:55 pm S
3:56 pm S
3:56 pm S
3:57 pm S
3:58 pm S
3:58 pm S
3:59 pm S
3:59 pm S
4:00 pm S
4:00 pm S
4:01 pm S
4:02 pm S
4:03 pm S
4:05 pm S
  • S - School Bus - Operates during school term only
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Khandallah - Ngaio - Wellington College, St Mark's School & St Patrick's College route

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