Wellington East Girls' College - Ellice Street (school stop)
Pirie Street at Porritt Avenue (near 77)
Pirie Street at Bus Tunnel
Waitoa Road at Bus Tunnel
Hataitai - Stop B
Moxham Avenue at Raupo Street (near 87)
Kilbirnie School - Moxham Avenue
Kupe Street at Hamilton Road
Hamilton Road at Wellington Road (near 115)
Caledonia Street (near 9) (school stop)
Caledonia Street at Hobart Street (school stop)
Devonshire Road (near 43) (school stop)
Devonshire Road at Ira Street
Ira Street at Broadway (near 2)
Broadway at Monorgan Road
Monorgan Road at Scots College (school stop)
Raukawa Street at Nuku Street
Taiaroa Street at Raukawa Street
Taiaroa Street at Tukanae Street (near 27)
Tukanae Street (near 12)
Tukanae Street at Ahuriri Street
Ahuriri Street (near 41)
Ahuriri Street (near 55)
Ahuriri Street at Kekerenga Street
Strathmore Park Terminus
Kekerenga Street at Ahuriri Street
Ahuriri Street (near 30)
Ahuriri Street at Tukanae Street
Sidlaw Street at Bowes Crescent
Sidlaw Street (near 69)
Beacon Hill - Sidlaw Street
Sidlaw Street at Monorgan Road
Strathmore Community Hall - Strathmore Avenue
Tannadyce Street (near 9)
Tannadyce Street (near 27)
Tannadyce Street (near 63)
Tannadyce Street (near 87)
Tannadyce Street (near 105)
Beacon Hill Road at Kinghorne Street
Seatoun Heights Road (near 1)
Seatoun Heights Road (near 21)
Townsend Road (near 188)
Wilberforce Street at Townsend Road
Wilberforce Street opposite Madison Place
Strathmore Park Shops - Broadway
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2:49 pm
2:49 pm
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3:00 pm
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COVID-19: Bus, train, and ferry services under level one

Metlink has announced that fares will return across the region on July 1 now that New Zealand has moved to alert level 1 and physical distancing restrictions have been lifted.… More Information

Valid from: 12:00am on Monday 8th June 2020

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Wellington East Girls' College - Hataitai - Strathmore Park route

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