Miramar - Darlington Road (near 124)
Darlington Road (near 104)
Darlington Road (near 64)
Darlington Road opposite Puriri Street
Rotherham Terrace (near 80)
Park Road at Rotherham Terrace (near 86)
Park Road at Brussels Street
Park Road at Byron Street (near 34)
Ira Street at Miramar Avenue
Ira Street at Otaki Street
Ira Street at Broadway (near 2)
Strathmore Park Shops - Broadway
Broadway at Monorgan Road
Broadway opposite Crawford Green
Hobart Street at Broadway
Hobart Street at Kedah Street
Hobart Street at Caledonia Street
Caledonia Street at Hobart Street (near 38) (school stop)
Caledonia Street (near 10) (school stop)
Rongotai Road at Salek Street
Rongotai Road at Ross Street
Kilbirnie - Stop C
Rongotai Road at Childers Terrace
Crawford Road at Kilbirnie Tennis Club
Crawford Road opposite Wellington Road
Constable Street at Coromandel Street
Constable Street at Owen Street (near 84)
Constable Street at Riddiford Street
Riddiford Street at Newtown Shops (opposite 157)
Riddiford Street at Hall Street
Wellington Hospital - Stop B
Adelaide Road opposite Hospital Road
Adelaide Road (near 80)
Adelaide Road at Basin Reserve (near 12)
Wellington East Girls' College - Ellice Street (school stop)
Basin Reserve (school stop)
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Miramar - Kilbirnie - Newtown – Basin Schools route

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