Moa Point (near 42)
Breaker Bay Road at Palmer Bay
Breaker Bay Road at Ranger Point (near 175)
Breaker Bay Road at Reef Bay (near 160)
Breaker Bay Road at Flax Bay (near 136)
Breaker Bay Road (near 124)
Breaker Bay Road at Eve Bay (near 108)
Breaker Bay Road at Breaker Bay (near 67)
Inglis Street at Mantell Street (opposite)
Inglis Street at Burnham Street (near 88)
Seatoun Park - Hector Street
Dundas Street at Monro Street (near 68)
Seatoun Village - Dundas Street
Ferry Street at Ludlam Street
Broadway at Cavendish Square
Broadway at Tio Tio Road (near 530)
Strathmore Park Shops - Broadway
Ira Street at Broadway (near 5)
Ira Street at Devonshire Road
Caledonia Street at Hobart Street (near 38)
Caledonia Street at Calabar Road
Cobham Drive at Airport Runway
Hamilton Road at Wellington Road (near 124)
Kupe Street at Moxham Avenue
Moxham Avenue near Goa Street
Moxham Avenue at Raupo Street (near 88)
Hataitai Village - Waitoa Road
Waitoa Road at Bus Tunnel (near 73)
Pirie Street at Bus Tunnel (near 108)
Pirie Street at Porritt Avenue (near 66)
Brougham Street at Elizabeth Street (near 46)
Elizabeth Street at Kent Terrace
Molesworth Street - Parliament - Stop E
Molesworth Street - Cathedral
Molesworth Street - New World
Molesworth Street - Motorway
Tinakori Road opposite St Mary Street
Botanic Garden - Glenmore Street
Glenmore Street (opposite 100)
Glenmore Street (near 147)
Glenmore Street (near 177)
Glenmore Street (near 205)
Glenmore Street at Karori Tunnel
Zealandia - Chaytor Street (Appleton Park)
Chaytor Street at Curtis Street (opposite)
Chaytor Street at Joll Street
Karori Road (near 93)
Marsden Village - Karori Road (near 141)
Marsden School - Vera Street
7:15 am S
7:19 am S
7:19 am S
7:20 am S
7:21 am S
7:21 am S
7:22 am S
7:22 am S
7:24 am S
7:24 am S
7:25 am S
7:25 am S
7:26 am S
7:26 am S
7:26 am S
7:27 am S
7:27 am S
7:27 am S
7:27 am S
7:28 am S
7:28 am S
7:29 am S
7:31 am S
7:31 am S
7:31 am S
7:31 am S
7:32 am S
7:32 am S
7:32 am S
7:33 am S
7:33 am S
7:33 am S
7:36 am S
7:37 am S
7:38 am S
7:39 am S
7:45 am S
7:46 am S
7:48 am S
7:50 am S
7:51 am S
7:52 am S
7:53 am S
7:54 am S
7:56 am S
7:57 am S
7:59 am S
8:00 am S
8:05 am S
  • S - School Bus - Operates during school terms only
Alternative Routes:

665 Marsden School - Moa Point

Moa Point & Seatoun - St Mary's, Wgtn Girls, Queen Margaret and Marsden Schools route

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