Island Bay - Reef Street at Shorland Park
The Parade at Humber Street (near 300)
The Parade (near 206)
The Parade at Island Bay Shops
The Parade (near 98)
The Parade (near 36)
Adelaide Road at Wakefield Park
Adelaide Road at Duppa Street
Adelaide Road (near 500)
Berhampore Shops - Adelaide Road
Adelaide Road opposite Stoke Street
Adelaide Road at Hall Street (near 254)
John Street at Adelaide Road (near 11)
Hutchison Terminus - Stop C
Finnimore Terrace at Dransfield Street
Farnham Street at Vogeltown Terminus
Priscilla Crescent at Breton Grove
Halifax Street (near 24)
Kingston - Stop C
Quebec Street at Baffin Grove
The Ridgeway at Wentworth Street
The Ridgeway at Mornington Road
Mills Road at Vennell Street
Mills Road at Veronica Street
Washington Avenue at Connaught Terrace
Washington Avenue (near 104)
Brooklyn School - Washington Avenue
Brooklyn - Stop A
Brooklyn Village - Cleveland Street
Ohiro Road at Tanera Crescent
Brooklyn Road opposite Washington Avenue
Brooklyn Road opposite Bidwill Street
Brooklyn Road at Nairn Street
Brooklyn Road near Central Park Entrance
Brooklyn Road opposite Nairn Street
Willis Street - Abel Smith Street
The Terrace at Ghuznee Street
Salamanca Road at The Terrace
Victoria University - Stop B
Upland Road (near 39)
Kelburn Village - Upland Road (St Michael's)
Kelburn Normal School - Upland Rd (opposite)
Karori Tunnel - Stop B
Zealandia - Birdwood Street
Birdwood Street opposite Braithwaite Street
Marsden School - Vera Street (school stop)
7:20 am S
7:21 am S
7:22 am S
7:23 am S
7:24 am S
7:25 am S
7:25 am S
7:27 am S
7:28 am S
7:28 am S
7:30 am S
7:31 am S
7:33 am S
7:33 am S
7:36 am S
7:39 am S
7:40 am S
7:40 am S
7:41 am S
7:42 am S
7:43 am S
7:44 am S
7:45 am S
7:46 am S
7:46 am S
7:47 am S
7:48 am S
7:48 am S
7:49 am S
7:49 am S
7:50 am S
7:52 am S
7:52 am S
7:53 am S
7:53 am S
7:55 am S
7:56 am S
7:57 am S
7:59 am S
8:01 am S
8:02 am S
8:02 am S
8:04 am S
8:05 am S
8:06 am S
8:10 am S
  • S - School Bus - Operates during school term only
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Timetable and routes will be changing for some public and school bus routes from October 13

From 13 October we will be introducing timetable and route changes affecting some public and school bus routes in the Wellington, Porirua, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt.… More Information

Valid from: 12:00am on Monday 16th September 2019

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Island Bay - Kingston - Kelburn - Marsden School route

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