St Mary's College - Hill Street (school stop North)
Murphy Street - Wellington Girls
Queen Margaret College (school stop)
Park Street (near 7)
Grant Road opposite Newman Terrace
Grosvenor Terrace at Orchard Street steps
Grosvenor Terrace at Lower Watt Street
Lennel Road at Lower Watt Street
Lennel Road at Sefton Street (near 20)
Wadestown Library - Wadestown Road
Wadestown Road at Pitt Street
Wadestown Shops (near 109)
Wadestown Road at Lytton Street
Wilton Road opposite Blackbridge Road
Wadestown School - Wilton Road at Purakau Avenue (near 11)
Izard Park - Wilton Road (near 41)
Wilton Road (near 79)
Wilton Park - Wilton Road (near 185)
Wilton - Surrey Street
Mairangi - Norwich Street
Norwich Street at Mairangi Road
Mairangi Road at Rutland Way (near 107)
Mairangi Road opposite Warwick Street
Mairangi Road (near 159)
Mairangi Road at Monmouth Way
Pembroke Road opposite Hereford Street
Pembroke Road at Huntingdon Street
Pembroke Road (near 72)
Pembroke Road (near 24)
Northland Road at Seaview Terrace
Northland Road at Military Road
Northland Road (near 88)
Northland Village - Northland Road
Northland Tunnel (near Putnam Street)
3:25 pm S
3:30 pm S
3:35 pm S
3:36 pm S
3:37 pm S
3:38 pm S
3:39 pm S
3:40 pm S
3:40 pm S
3:41 pm S
3:41 pm S
3:42 pm S
3:43 pm S
3:44 pm S
3:44 pm S
3:45 pm S
3:46 pm S
3:49 pm S
3:49 pm S
3:53 pm S
3:55 pm S
3:55 pm S
3:56 pm S
3:57 pm S
3:57 pm S
3:58 pm S
4:00 pm S
4:00 pm S
4:01 pm S
4:02 pm S
4:02 pm S
4:03 pm S
4:04 pm S
4:05 pm S
  • S - School Bus - Operates on school days only

St. Mary's, Wgtn Girls & Queen Margaret - Wilton & Northland route

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