Waikanae School (school stop)
Waikanae - Ngaio Road at Main Road
Ngaio Road (opposite 31)
Rimu Street opposite Kapakapanui School
Ngarara Road at Kohe Kohe Road (near 25) (school stop)
Ngarara Road at Te Moana Road (school stop)
Te Moana Road at Leybourne Avenue (near 382)
Te Moana Road at Richmond Avenue
Te Moana Road at Nimmo Avenue
Te Moana Road at Walton Avenue (near 260)
Te Moana Road at Greenaway Road
Te Moana Road (near 164)
Te Moana Road at Lavinia Grove
Huiawa Street at Hemara Street (school stop)
Huiawa Street at Heperi Street (school stop)
Field Way at Konini Crescent (near 21)
Field Way at Hughes Street
Field Way at William Street
Reeves Street (near 7)
Rutherford Street at Freyberg Crescent
William Street at Rutherford Drive
William Street at Toru Street
Field Way at Konini Crescent (near 14)
Huiawa Street at Hona Street
Waimea Road (near 68)
Queens Road (near 6)
Queens Road at Campion Road
Queens Road at Napier Grove
Barrett Drive at Queens Road
Barrett Drive at Marina Lagoon
Tutere Street at Pio Pio Place
Tutere Street at Eruini Street
Tutere Street at Waimea Road
Waikanae Beach Domain - Tutere Street
Rauparaha Street at Tutere Street (school stop)
Rauparaha Street at Community Hall (school stop)
Waikanae Beach - Rauparaha Street
3:05 pm S
3:07 pm S
3:08 pm S
3:10 pm S
3:11 pm S
3:12 pm S
3:13 pm S
3:13 pm S
3:14 pm S
3:15 pm S
3:16 pm S
3:17 pm S
3:19 pm S
3:20 pm S
3:20 pm S
3:21 pm S
3:23 pm S
3:24 pm S
3:24 pm S
3:25 pm S
3:26 pm S
3:27 pm S
3:27 pm S
3:28 pm S
3:30 pm S
3:31 pm S
3:32 pm S
3:32 pm S
3:33 pm S
3:34 pm S
3:35 pm S
3:36 pm S
3:37 pm S
3:38 pm S
3:38 pm S
3:39 pm S
3:40 pm S
  • S - School Bus - Operates during school term only
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Waikanae & Kapanui Schools - Waikanae - Waikanae Beach route

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