Basin Reserve (school stop)
Wellington Station - Stop D
Thorndon Quay - Capital Gateway (opposite)
Thorndon Quay at Davis Street (near 125)
Thorndon Quay (near 199)
Thorndon Quay at Motorway (Hirequip)
Hutt Road at Sar Street
Hutt Road at Aotea Quay
Kaiwharawhara - Fore Street
Hutt Road at Rangiora Avenue
Ngauranga - Hutt Road (opposite motorway)
Ngauranga Commercial Centre
Ngauranga Gorge (Kiwi Point)
Johnsonville Road at Disraeli Street
Johnsonville - Stop A
Middleton Road (near 25)
Middleton Road (near 59)
Middleton Road (near 71)
Middleton Road at Churton Drive
Middleton Road opposite Wingfield Place
Halswater Drive at Dormar Place
Burbank Crescent at Wantwood Street
Burbank Crescent at Longmont Terrace
Lakewood Avenue at Westchester Drive
Westchester Drive (near 111)
Amesbury Drive at Derry Hill
Amesbury Drive at Claverton Grove
Amesbury Drive at Erlestoke Crescent
Erlestoke Crescent at Tattenhall Grove
Waverton Terrace at Sandy Brow
Waverton Terrace (near 30)
Waverton Terrace (near 12)
Westchester Drive at Waverton Terrace
Lakewood Reserve
Abilene Crescent at Trilids Lane
Cambrian Street opposite Cunliffe Street
Chorley Grove (near 5)
Chorley Grove at Hawtrey Terrace
Bassett Road (near 40)
Bassett Road at Angell Street
Johnsonville - Stop C
3:25 pm NM
3:37 pm NM
3:38 pm NM
3:39 pm NM
3:40 pm NM
3:40 pm NM
3:41 pm NM
3:42 pm NM
3:44 pm NM
3:46 pm NM
3:50 pm NM
3:51 pm NM
3:54 pm NM
3:58 pm NM
3:59 pm NM
4:01 pm NM
4:02 pm NM
4:02 pm NM
4:03 pm NM
4:04 pm NM
4:05 pm NM
4:06 pm NM
4:06 pm NM
4:07 pm NM
4:08 pm NM
4:08 pm NM
4:09 pm NM
4:09 pm NM
4:10 pm NM
4:11 pm NM
4:11 pm NM
4:12 pm NM
4:12 pm NM
4:13 pm NM
4:14 pm NM
4:15 pm NM
4:16 pm NM
4:16 pm NM
4:17 pm NM
4:18 pm NM
4:20 pm NM
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Basin Reserve - Wellington Station - Churton Park route

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