Whitby - Navigation Drive
Navigation Drive (opposite 48)
Samwell Drive (opposite 53)
Joseph Banks Drive (near 34)
James Cook Drive at Endeavour Park
James Cook Drive (near 35)
James Cook Drive at Discovery Drive (Park)
Discovery Drive (opposite 111)
Discovery Drive at The Haven
Whitby Lakes (Upper Lake)
Discovery Drive (near 78)
The Companionway at Cannon Lane (school stop)
Discovery Drive at Spinnaker Drive (near 4)
Spinnaker Drive at Ayton Drive (near 46)
Spinnaker Drive at Leeward Drive (near 26)
Leeward Drive at Bosun Terrace (near 25)
Leeward Drive (near 53)
Leeward Drive at Mercury Way (near 71)
Leeward Drive at Venus Place
Spinnaker Drive at Postgate Drive
Postgate School - Postgate Drive
Postgate Drive at Browns Bay Park (opposite)
Oak Avenue (opposite 10)
Kahu Road at Kenef Road (opposite 139)
Kahu Road (near 132)
Kahu Road (near 68)
Tirowhanga Road (near 17)
Lauderdale Road (near 12)
Eskdale Road at Moray Place (near 48)
Eskdale Road at Forth Place (near 16)
Tweed Road at Spey Place
Papakowhai Road at Romesdale Road (hail and ride)
Papakowhai Road (hail and ride)
Paremata School (school stop)
St Theresa's School (school stop)
7:55 am PA
7:56 am PA
7:57 am PA
7:58 am PA
7:59 am PA
8:00 am PA
8:01 am PA
8:01 am PA
8:02 am PA
8:03 am PA
8:04 am PA
8:05 am PA
8:06 am PA
8:07 am PA
8:07 am PA
8:08 am PA
8:08 am PA
8:09 am PA
8:10 am PA
8:10 am PA
8:11 am PA
8:12 am PA
8:13 am PA
8:14 am PA
8:15 am PA
8:16 am PA
8:17 am PA
8:17 am PA
8:18 am PA
8:19 am PA
8:19 am PA
8:21 am PA
8:22 am PA
8:23 am PA
8:30 am PA
  • PA - Also drops off at Paremata School. School days only

Whitby - Paremata & St Theresa's Schools route

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