Titahi Bay - Gloaming Hill (near 7)
Gloaming Hill Road (near 31)
Gloaming Hill Road (near 83)
Titahi Bay - Gloaming Hill
Mapplebeck Street at Downes Street
Downes Street at Dimock Street
Dimock Street (near 71)
Dimock Street (near 99)
Dimock Street (near 141)
Thornley Street at Dimock Street (near 28)
John Street (near 6)
Richard Street (near 2)
Main Road (near 5)
Main Road at Kura Street
Titahi Bay School - Kura Street
Te Pene Avenue at Te Puke Street (near 75)
Pikarere Street (near 3)
Pikarere Street (near 49)
Hiwi Street (near 22)
Pikarere Street (near 2)
Te Pene Avenue at Piko Street (near 125)
Titahi Bay Road opposite Whanga Crescent Walkway
Whitireia Polytechnic - Te Hiko Street Medical Centre
Takapuwahia Drive at Te Hiko Street (near 55)
Takapuwahia Drive at Rangituhi Crescent (near 17)
Takapuwahia Drive at Kotuku Street
Kotuku Street (near 50)
Kotuku Street (near 16)
Prosser Street (near 22)
Lyttelton Avenue at Parumoana Street
Lyttelton Avenue (opposite New World)
Porirua Station - Stop A
Kenepuru Drive opposite Porirua Cemetery
Kenepuru Drive opposite Ambulance Drive
Kenepuru Drive (near 75)
Kenepuru Drive opposite Rembrandt Avenue
Main Road Tawa (near 330)
Main Road Tawa at McLellan Street
Tawa Intermediate School and College (school stop)
7:35 am S
7:36 am S
7:37 am S
7:38 am S
7:40 am S
7:40 am S
7:41 am S
7:42 am S
7:43 am S
7:44 am S
7:46 am S
7:46 am S
7:47 am S
7:50 am S
7:51 am S
7:52 am S
7:53 am S
7:54 am S
7:55 am S
7:57 am S
8:00 am S
8:01 am S
8:04 am S
8:05 am S
8:06 am S
8:07 am S
8:08 am S
8:09 am S
8:11 am S
8:13 am S
8:14 am S
8:15 am S
8:17 am S
8:19 am S
8:20 am S
8:20 am S
8:22 am S
8:24 am S
8:25 am S
  • S - School Bus - Operates on school days only

Tawa College/Intermediate - Titahi Bay (Gloaming Hill) route

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