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6:50 am7:15 am7:45 am8:05 am8:35 am9:10 am10:30 am SI12:40 pm SI3:15 pm SI4:15 pm4:55 pm5:20 pm5:55 pm6:30 pm6:50 pm7:20 pm
      10:40 am SI12:50 pm SI3:25 pm SI       
   8:20 am            
7:10 am7:35 am8:05 am8:40 am9:00 am9:30 am11:00 am SI1:10 pm SI3:45 pm SI4:35 pm5:15 pm5:40 pm6:15 pm6:55 pm7:10 pm7:40 pm
  • SI - Sailing calls at Matiu/Somes Island on request

Wellington Harbour Ferry (Days Bay - Queens Wharf) route

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