10:00 am M10:30 am HE12:00 pm M12:30 pm HE2:10 pm M2:30 pm HE3:45 pm M5:05 pm
 10:55 am HE 12:55 pm HE2:40 pm M   
10:25 am M 12:25 pm M  3:05 pm HE4:10 pm M 
10:40 am M11:15 am HE12:45 pm M1:15 pm HE3:00 pm M3:20 pm HE4:25 pm M5:30 pm
10:50 am M11:30 am HE12:55 pm M1:30 pm HE3:20 pm M 4:40 pm M 
     3:40 pm HE  
11:15 am M12:00 pm HE1:20 pm M2:00 pm HE3:45 pm M4:05 pm HE5:05 pm M5:55 pm
  • M - Sailing calls at Matiu/Somes Island on request
  • HE - Harbour Exp sails in fine weather only, check on the day 04 494 3339
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Relevant Service Updates 1

Wellington Harbour Ferry running to regular weekend timetable Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd July, however the Harbour Explorer is cancelled on both days.

Due to forecasted weather conditions, the Harbour Explorer is cancelled Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd July.… More Information

Valid from: 12:00am on Saturday 21st July 2018 to: 9:00pm on Sunday 22nd July 2018

Wellington Harbour Ferry (Days Bay - Queens Wharf) route

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