Cuba Street at Weltec
Cuba Street at Jackson Street
Jackson Street at Bolton Street
Jackson Street at Beach Street
Jackson Street at Sydney Street
Jackson Street near Gear Street
Jackson Street at Te Puni Street
Hutt Road at Nevis Street
Ngauranga Commercial Centre
Johnsonville Road at Disraeli Street
Johnsonville Station - Stop A
Middleton Road (near 25)
Middleton Road (near 59)
Middleton Road (near 71)
Middleton Road at Churton Drive
Middleton Road opposite Wingfield Place
Middleton Road at Glenside Road (opposite 236)
Middleton Road (near 279)
Middleton Road (near 375)
Middleton Road (near 409)
Middleton Road at Richmond Hill Road
Willowbank Road (near 10)
Main Road at Redwood Avenue
Main Road Tawa at St Francis Xavier School
Main Road Tawa at Redwood Avenue
Main Road Tawa at Elena Place
Tawa Mall - Main Road (near 215)
Main Road Tawa (near 249)
Main Road Tawa at McLellan Street (opposite)
Main Road (near 337)
Kenepuru Drive at Raiha Street
Kenepuru Drive at Ambulance Drive
Kenepuru Drive at Bluff Road
Kenepuru Drive at Bishop Viard College
North City Plaza - Walton Leigh Avenue
Porirua Station - Stop A
5:00 pm FE
5:01 pm FE
5:02 pm FE
5:03 pm FE
5:05 pm FE
5:06 pm FE
5:07 pm FE
5:07 pm FE
5:14 pm FE
5:24 pm FE
5:25 pm FE
5:26 pm FE
5:26 pm FE
5:26 pm FE
5:27 pm FE
5:27 pm FE
5:28 pm FE
5:29 pm FE
5:30 pm FE
5:30 pm FE
5:31 pm FE
5:32 pm FE
5:33 pm FE
5:34 pm FE
5:35 pm FE
5:37 pm FE
5:38 pm FE
5:39 pm FE
5:39 pm FE
5:40 pm FE
5:42 pm FE
5:42 pm FE
5:42 pm FE
5:44 pm FE
5:44 pm FE
5:45 pm FE
  • FE - Fare exceptions apply. Operates during Polytech terms only

Relevant Service Updates 1

Bus stop closure - Centennial Hwy at Glover St, Ngauranga from Monday 20 Nov

Bus stop #3254 Centennial Highway at Glover Street is to be CLOSED effective from Monday 20 November 2017… More Information

Valid from: 9:00am on Monday 20th November 2017

Polytech Link (Porirua Station - Ngauranga - Weltec Petone) route

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