Timberlea - Norana Road (near 126)
Norana Road (near 112)
Norana Road at Timberlea Park
Norana Road at Aniseed Grove (near 64)
Moeraki Road at Norana Road (near 36)
Fergusson Drive (near 1242)
Mangaroa Hill Road (near 4)
Fergusson Drive at Cruickshank Road (near 1150)
Fergusson Drive (opposite 1093)
Fergusson Drive (opposite 1055)
Fergusson Drive at Kashmir Avenue (near 1016)
Upper Hutt Station - Stop B
Fergusson Drive at Richmond Street
Fergusson Drive at Golders Road (near 700)
Fergusson Rest Home (near 652)
Fergusson Drive at Refreshment Place (near 614)
Trentham School - Fergusson Drive (opposite)
Fergusson Drive at Ranfurly Street
Fergusson Drive at Brentwood Street (near 478)
Trentham Memorial Park (near 438)
Fergusson Drive at Barton Road (opposite)
Fergusson Drive at Bathurst Street
Fergusson Drive at Kiwi Street (near 288)
Fergusson Drive at Stream Grove
Silverstream Station - Fergusson Drive
Belmont Flat - Owen Street North
Belmont Flat - Western Hutt Road (southbound)
Western Hutt Road - Belmont School
Murphy Street - Wellington Girls
Wellington Station - Stop C
Lambton Quay - North End - Stop J
Lambton Quay - Stout Street
Lambton Central (near 171)
Lambton Quay - ANZ Bank
Willis Street - Willbank Court
Manners Street at Cuba Street (near 79)
Courtenay Place - Courtenay Central
Courtenay Place at Blair Street
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Fare information

This service is operated by Runcimans and customers can travel on the Hutt Commuter 30 Day pass. This ticket will allow you to travel not only on Routes 92 and 93 services but also Airport Flyer, Valley Flyer and GO Wellington services

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Submissions are now closed on the proposed Metlink fare changes

The proposed changes include:… More Information

Valid from: 4:00pm on Monday 18th September 2017

Upper Hutt Commuter (Timberlea - Wellington) route

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