Lyall Bay - Hungerford Road (near 2)
Queens Drive (near 304)
Queens Drive at Sutherland Road (near 252)
Queens Drive at Rua Street (near 190)
Rua Street at Freyberg Street (near 2)
Lyall Parade at Onepu Road
Onepu Road at Apu Crescent (near 194)
Lyall Bay Shops - Onepu Road (near 140)
Onepu Road at Endeavour Street (near 96)
Kilbirnie Bus Depot - Onepu Road (near 56)
Kilbirnie Shops - Stop B
Kilbirnie Library - Kilbirnie Crescent (opposi
Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre (Opposite)
Hamilton Road at Wellington Road (near 124)
Kupe Street at Moxham Avenue
Moxham Ave near Goa Street
Moxham Avenue at Raupo Street (near 88)
Hataitai Village (near 35)
Waitoa Road at Bus Tunnel (near 73)
Pirie Street at Bus Tunnel (near 108)
Pirie Street at Porritt Avenue (near 66)
Brougham Street at Elizabeth Street (near 46)
Elizabeth Street at Kent Terrace
Courtenay Place - Paramount
Courtenay Place - St James Theatre
Manners Street at Cuba Street (Body Shop)
Manners Street at Willis Street
Willis Street - Grand Arcade
Lambton Quay - Cable Car
Lambton Central (near 222)
Lambton Quay - North End - Stop I
Wellington Station - Stop D
Wellington Station - Stop V
The Terrace at Bolton Street (near 25)
The Terrace at Aurora Terrace (near 85)
The Terrace at Dalmuir Lane (near 135)
Salamanca Road at The Terrace
Victoria University - Kelburn Parade
Molesworth Street - Parliament - Stop E
Molesworth Street - Cathedral
Molesworth Street - New World
7:25 am7:45 am7:55 am8:15 am VU
7:26 am7:46 am7:56 am8:16 am VU
7:27 am7:47 am7:57 am8:17 am VU
7:28 am7:48 am7:58 am8:18 am VU
7:29 am7:49 am7:59 am8:19 am VU
7:29 am7:49 am7:59 am8:19 am VU
7:30 am7:50 am8:00 am8:20 am VU
7:31 am7:51 am8:01 am8:21 am VU
7:32 am7:52 am8:02 am8:22 am VU
7:33 am7:53 am8:03 am8:23 am VU
7:34 am7:54 am8:04 am8:24 am VU
7:36 am7:56 am8:05 am8:25 am VU
7:37 am7:57 am8:06 am8:26 am VU
7:39 am7:59 am8:07 am8:27 am VU
7:40 am8:00 am8:08 am8:28 am VU
7:41 am8:01 am8:09 am8:29 am VU
7:42 am8:02 am8:09 am8:29 am VU
7:44 am8:04 am8:11 am8:31 am VU
7:45 am8:05 am8:12 am8:32 am VU
7:48 am8:08 am8:14 am8:34 am VU
7:49 am8:09 am8:15 am8:35 am VU
7:51 am8:11 am8:16 am8:36 am VU
7:52 am8:12 am8:17 am8:37 am VU
7:54 am8:14 am8:18 am8:38 am VU
7:55 am8:15 am8:19 am8:39 am VU
7:56 am8:16 am8:21 am8:41 am VU
7:57 am8:17 am8:22 am8:42 am VU
7:59 am8:19 am8:24 am8:44 am VU
8:00 am8:20 am8:25 am8:45 am VU
8:01 am8:21 am8:26 am8:46 am VU
8:02 am8:22 am8:27 am8:47 am VU
  8:29 am8:49 am VU
   8:50 am VU
   8:52 am VU
   8:53 am VU
   8:55 am VU
   8:58 am VU
   9:01 am VU
8:03 am8:23 am  
8:04 am8:24 am  
8:05 am8:25 am  
  • VU - Continues to Victoria University

Lyall Bay - Wellington route

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