Baylands Drive (near 82)
Somes Crescent at Baylands Drive
Somes Crescent at Sunhaven Drive (near 44)
Somes Crescent at Dress Circle (near 10)
Kenmore Street at Barclay Street (near 32)
Kenmore Street (near 6)
Glanmire Road at Turville Crescent
Link Road (near 54)
Link Road (near 8)
Kenmore Street (near 65)
Kenmore Street Plunket Rooms (opposite)
Newlands Park
Newlands School - Newlands Road
Newlands Road at Stella Grove (near 164)
Newlands Road at Salford Street
Newlands Road (near 64)
Newlands Bus Depot - Newlands Road
Centennial Highway at Glover Street
Ngauranga - Hutt Road (next to motorway)
Hutt Road at Rangiora Avenue (opposite)
Kaiwharawhara - Westminster Street
Hutt Road at Aotea Quay (rail side)
Thorndon Quay at Tinakori Road
Thorndon Quay at Motorway (Handy Rentals)
Thorndon Quay (Bordeaux Bakery)
Thorndon Quay at Davis Street (opposite 125)
Thorndon Quay - Capital Gateway
Wellington Station - Stop C
Lambton Quay - North End - Stop J
Lambton Quay - Stout Street
Lambton Central (near 171)
Lambton Quay - ANZ Bank
Willis Street - Willbank Court
Manners Street at Cuba Street (near 79)
Courtenay Place - Courtenay Central
Courtenay Place at Blair Street
6:38 am BRB6:54 am7:06 am7:18 am7:30 am7:42 am BRB7:54 am BRB8:09 am
6:39 am BRB6:55 am7:08 am7:20 am7:32 am7:44 am BRB7:56 am BRB8:10 am
6:40 am BRB6:56 am7:08 am7:20 am7:32 am7:44 am BRB7:56 am BRB8:11 am
6:41 am BRB6:57 am7:10 am7:22 am7:34 am7:46 am BRB7:58 am BRB8:12 am
6:42 am BRB6:58 am7:11 am7:23 am7:35 am7:47 am BRB7:59 am BRB8:13 am
6:43 am BRB6:59 am7:11 am7:23 am7:35 am7:47 am BRB7:59 am BRB8:14 am
6:44 am BRB7:00 am7:13 am7:25 am7:37 am7:49 am BRB8:01 am BRB8:15 am
6:45 am BRB7:01 am7:13 am7:25 am7:37 am7:49 am BRB8:01 am BRB8:16 am
6:46 am BRB7:02 am7:15 am7:27 am7:39 am7:51 am BRB8:03 am BRB8:17 am
6:47 am BRB7:03 am7:15 am7:27 am7:39 am7:51 am BRB8:03 am BRB8:18 am
6:48 am BRB7:04 am7:17 am7:29 am7:41 am7:53 am BRB8:05 am BRB8:19 am
6:49 am BRB7:05 am7:18 am7:30 am7:42 am7:54 am BRB8:06 am BRB8:20 am
6:49 am BRB7:05 am7:18 am7:30 am7:43 am7:55 am BRB8:07 am BRB8:20 am
6:50 am BRB7:06 am7:19 am7:31 am7:43 am7:56 am BRB8:07 am BRB8:21 am
6:50 am BRB7:06 am7:20 am7:32 am7:44 am7:57 am BRB8:08 am BRB8:22 am
6:51 am BRB7:07 am7:21 am7:33 am7:46 am7:58 am BRB8:10 am BRB8:23 am
6:51 am BRB7:08 am7:21 am7:33 am7:46 am7:59 am BRB8:10 am BRB8:23 am
6:54 am BRB7:11 am7:26 am7:38 am7:52 am8:05 am BRB8:16 am BRB8:27 am
6:55 am BRB7:13 am7:28 am7:40 am7:55 am8:07 am BRB8:18 am BRB8:29 am
6:58 am BRB7:16 am7:31 am7:43 am8:00 am8:13 am BRB8:23 am BRB8:33 am
6:59 am BRB7:17 am7:33 am7:45 am8:02 am8:15 am BRB8:25 am BRB8:34 am
7:00 am BRB7:19 am7:35 am7:47 am8:04 am8:18 am BRB8:28 am BRB8:36 am
7:01 am BRB7:20 am7:37 am7:49 am8:06 am8:20 am BRB8:30 am BRB8:38 am
7:02 am BRB7:20 am7:37 am7:49 am8:07 am8:21 am BRB8:31 am BRB8:39 am
7:02 am BRB7:21 am7:38 am7:50 am8:08 am8:21 am BRB8:31 am BRB8:40 am
7:03 am BRB7:21 am7:39 am7:51 am8:09 am8:23 am BRB8:33 am BRB8:41 am
7:03 am BRB7:22 am7:40 am7:52 am8:10 am8:24 am BRB8:34 am BRB8:42 am
7:04 am BRB7:23 am7:41 am7:53 am8:11 am8:25 am BRB8:35 am BRB8:43 am
7:05 am BRB7:25 am7:43 am7:55 am8:13 am8:27 am BRB8:37 am BRB8:45 am
7:06 am BRB7:25 am7:44 am7:56 am8:14 am8:28 am BRB8:38 am BRB8:46 am
7:07 am BRB7:27 am7:45 am7:57 am8:15 am8:29 am BRB8:39 am BRB8:47 am
7:08 am BRB7:28 am7:47 am7:59 am8:17 am8:31 am BRB8:41 am BRB8:49 am
7:11 am BRB7:31 am7:49 am8:01 am8:20 am8:34 am BRB8:44 am BRB8:51 am
7:13 am BRB7:33 am7:52 am8:04 am8:23 am8:37 am BRB8:47 am BRB8:54 am
7:15 am BRB7:35 am7:54 am8:06 am8:25 am8:39 am BRB8:49 am BRB8:56 am
7:16 am BRB7:37 am7:56 am8:08 am8:27 am8:41 am BRB8:51 am BRB8:58 am
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Newlands - Wellington route

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