Courtenay Place - Paramount
Courtenay Place at St James Theatre
Manners Street at Cuba Street (near 66)
Manners Street at Willis Street
Willis Street - Grand Arcade
Lambton Quay - Cable Car
Lambton Central (near 222)
Lambton Quay - North End - Stop H
Wellington Station - Stop D
Thorndon Quay - Capital Gateway (opposite)
Thorndon Quay at Davis Street (near 125)
Thorndon Quay (near 199)
Thorndon Quay at Motorway (Hirequip)
Hutt Road at Sar Street
Hutt Road at Aotea Quay
Kaiwharawhara - Fore Street
Hutt Road at Rangiora Avenue
Ngauranga - Hutt Road (opposite motorway)
Ngauranga Commercial Centre
Ngauranga Gorge (Kiwi Point)
Newlands Bus Depot - Newlands Road (opposite)
Newlands Road (opposite 72)
Newlands Road at Black Rock Road
Newlands Road at Stella Grove (near 143)
Newlands Park opposite Newlands Road
Horokiwi Road at Pinkerton Grove
Horokiwi Road (near 65)
Woodridge Drive at Glenwood Grove (near 19)
Woodridge Drive at Cedarwood Street
Cedarwood Street at Kentwood Drive
Woodridge - Kentwood Drive (near 57)
Kentwood Drive (near 32)
Kentwood Drive (near 14)
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4:06 pm4:24 pm4:41 pm4:56 pm5:13 pm5:30 pm5:48 pm
4:09 pm4:27 pm4:44 pm4:59 pm5:16 pm5:33 pm5:50 pm
4:11 pm4:29 pm4:46 pm5:02 pm5:19 pm5:35 pm5:53 pm
4:12 pm4:30 pm4:47 pm5:03 pm5:20 pm5:36 pm5:54 pm
4:15 pm4:33 pm4:50 pm5:06 pm5:23 pm5:39 pm5:56 pm
4:17 pm4:35 pm4:52 pm5:08 pm5:25 pm5:41 pm5:58 pm
4:18 pm4:36 pm4:53 pm5:09 pm5:26 pm5:42 pm5:59 pm
4:19 pm4:37 pm4:54 pm5:10 pm5:27 pm5:43 pm5:59 pm
4:19 pm4:37 pm4:55 pm5:11 pm5:28 pm5:44 pm6:00 pm
4:20 pm4:38 pm4:55 pm5:12 pm5:29 pm5:44 pm6:00 pm
4:20 pm4:38 pm4:56 pm5:13 pm5:30 pm5:45 pm6:01 pm
4:21 pm4:39 pm4:57 pm5:15 pm5:31 pm5:46 pm6:02 pm
4:23 pm4:41 pm4:59 pm5:17 pm5:33 pm5:48 pm6:03 pm
4:24 pm4:42 pm5:00 pm5:18 pm5:34 pm5:49 pm6:04 pm
4:27 pm4:45 pm5:03 pm5:21 pm5:37 pm5:52 pm6:06 pm
4:27 pm4:45 pm5:03 pm5:22 pm5:38 pm5:52 pm6:07 pm
4:29 pm4:47 pm5:05 pm5:24 pm5:40 pm5:54 pm6:08 pm
4:31 pm4:49 pm5:07 pm5:26 pm5:42 pm5:56 pm6:10 pm
4:31 pm4:49 pm5:07 pm5:26 pm5:42 pm5:56 pm6:10 pm
4:32 pm4:50 pm5:08 pm5:27 pm5:43 pm5:57 pm6:11 pm
4:32 pm4:50 pm5:08 pm5:27 pm5:43 pm5:57 pm6:11 pm
4:33 pm4:51 pm5:09 pm5:28 pm5:44 pm5:58 pm6:12 pm
4:34 pm4:52 pm5:10 pm5:29 pm5:45 pm5:59 pm6:13 pm
4:35 pm4:53 pm5:11 pm5:30 pm5:46 pm6:00 pm6:14 pm
4:36 pm4:54 pm5:12 pm5:31 pm5:47 pm6:01 pm6:14 pm
4:37 pm4:55 pm5:13 pm5:32 pm5:48 pm6:02 pm6:15 pm
4:38 pm4:56 pm5:14 pm5:33 pm5:49 pm6:03 pm6:16 pm
4:39 pm4:57 pm5:15 pm5:34 pm5:50 pm6:04 pm6:16 pm
4:39 pm4:57 pm5:15 pm5:34 pm5:50 pm6:04 pm6:16 pm
4:40 pm4:58 pm5:16 pm5:35 pm5:51 pm6:05 pm6:17 pm

Relevant Service Updates 1

Bus stop closure - Centennial Hwy at Glover St, Ngauranga from Monday 20 Nov

Bus stop #3254 Centennial Highway at Glover Street is to be CLOSED effective from Monday 20 November 2017… More Information

Valid from: 9:00am on Monday 20th November 2017

Woodridge - Wellington route

Tip: you can view the next departures for a stop by clicking on the blue and green Stop icon.