Broadmeadows - Rajkot Terrace
Rajkot Terrace at Orissa Crescent
Kanpur Road at Sita Way (near 5)
Kanpur Road (near 45)
Kanpur Road (near 59)
Kanpur Road at Juanpur Crescent (near 91)
Kanpur Road at Nalanda Crescent (near 111)
Nalanda Crescent at Rajkot Terrace (near 59)
Rajkot Terrace at John Sims Drive
John Sims Drive (near 40)
Broadmeadows - John Sims Drive
Burma Road at Fraser Avenue
Khandallah School - Clark Street (near 1)
St Benedict's School
Everest Street at Ganges Road (near 28)
Everest Street at Izard Road (near 2)
Ranui Crescent at Cashmere Avenue
Station Road (near 7)
Cashmere Avenue (near 57)
Cashmere Avenue School (opposite)
Cashmere Avenue at Mandalay Terrace
Mandalay Terrace (near 27)
Mandalay Terrace at Narbada Crescent (near 47)
Homebush Road at Benares Street (near 120)
Homebush Road (near 90)
Homebush Road (near 70)
Homebush Road (near 29)
Homebush Road at Onslow Road
Onslow Road (opposite 47)
Onslow Alms - Onslow Road (opposite)
Hutt Road at Rangiora Avenue (Placemakers)
Kaiwharawhara - Westminster Street
Hutt Road at Aotea Quay (rail side)
Thorndon Quay at Tinakori Road (near 286)
Thorndon Quay at Motorway (Handy Rentals)
Thorndon Quay (Bordeaux Bakery)
Thorndon Quay at Davis Street (opposite 125)
Thorndon Quay - Capital Gateway
Wellington Station - Stop C
Lambton Quay - North End - Stop J
Lambton Quay - Stout Street
Lambton Central (near 171)
Lambton Quay - ANZ Bank
Willis Street - Willbank Court
Manners Street at Cuba Street (Burger King)
Courtenay Place - Courtenay Central
Courtenay Place at Blair Street
7:05 am7:25 am7:45 am8:05 am8:35 am SSK
7:05 am7:25 am7:46 am8:06 am8:35 am SSK
7:06 am7:26 am7:46 am8:06 am8:36 am SSK
7:07 am7:27 am7:47 am8:07 am8:37 am SSK
7:07 am7:27 am7:48 am8:08 am8:37 am SSK
7:08 am7:29 am7:49 am8:09 am8:38 am SSK
7:09 am7:29 am7:49 am8:09 am8:39 am SSK
7:10 am7:30 am7:50 am8:10 am8:40 am SSK
7:10 am7:30 am7:51 am8:11 am8:40 am SSK
7:10 am7:31 am7:51 am8:11 am8:40 am SSK
7:11 am7:31 am7:52 am8:12 am8:41 am SSK
7:12 am7:32 am7:53 am8:13 am8:42 am SSK
    8:46 am SSK
    8:52 am SSK
    8:53 am SSK
    8:53 am SSK
    8:54 am SSK
7:15 am7:35 am7:56 am8:16 am 
7:16 am7:37 am7:58 am8:18 am 
7:18 am7:38 am7:59 am8:19 am8:55 am SSK
7:18 am7:39 am8:00 am8:20 am8:55 am SSK
7:19 am7:40 am8:01 am8:21 am8:56 am SSK
7:20 am7:41 am8:01 am8:21 am8:57 am SSK
7:21 am7:42 am8:02 am8:22 am8:58 am SSK
7:21 am7:42 am8:03 am8:23 am8:58 am SSK
7:22 am7:43 am8:04 am8:24 am8:59 am SSK
7:23 am7:44 am8:05 am8:25 am9:00 am SSK
7:24 am7:45 am8:06 am8:26 am9:01 am SSK
7:25 am7:46 am8:07 am8:27 am9:01 am SSK
7:26 am7:47 am8:08 am8:28 am9:02 am SSK
7:27 am7:49 am8:09 am8:29 am9:02 am SSK
7:29 am7:50 am8:11 am8:31 am9:03 am SSK
7:30 am7:52 am8:12 am8:32 am9:04 am SSK
7:32 am7:53 am8:14 am8:34 am9:04 am SSK
7:32 am7:54 am8:14 am8:34 am9:05 am SSK
7:33 am7:54 am8:15 am8:35 am9:05 am SSK
7:33 am7:55 am8:15 am8:35 am9:05 am SSK
7:34 am7:56 am8:16 am8:36 am9:06 am SSK
7:35 am7:57 am8:17 am8:37 am9:06 am SSK
7:36 am7:58 am8:18 am8:38 am9:07 am SSK
7:37 am7:59 am8:19 am8:39 am9:08 am SSK
7:38 am8:00 am8:20 am8:40 am9:09 am SSK
7:39 am8:01 am8:21 am8:41 am9:10 am SSK
7:41 am8:02 am8:22 am8:43 am9:12 am SSK
7:43 am8:04 am8:24 am8:45 am9:14 am SSK
7:45 am8:06 am8:26 am8:47 am9:16 am SSK
7:46 am8:07 am8:27 am8:48 am9:17 am SSK
  • SSK - School days only, via Khandallah, St Benedicts and Cashmere Schools

Broadmeadows - Wellington route

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