Island Bay - Reef Street at Shorland Park
The Esplanade at Beach Street
The Esplanade (opposite 432)
Owhiro Bay - Happy Valley Road
Happy Valley Road (near 31)
Happy Valley Road (near 71)
Happy Valley Road (near 85)
Happy Valley Road opposite Owhiro Bay School
Happy Valley Road (near 137)
Happy Valley Road (near 163)
Murchison Street opposite Happy Valley Park
Murchison Street opposite Domanski Crescent
Murchison Street at Irwell Street
Frobisher Street opposite Murchison Street
Frobisher Street (near 64)
Frobisher Street (near 44)
Frobisher Street (near 24)
Severn Street at Frobisher Street
Severn Street at Wye Street
Severn Street at Moselle Street
Island Bay - The Parade
The Parade at Humber Street (Amba Dairy)
The Parade (near 206)
The Parade at Island Bay Shops
The Parade (near 98)
The Parade (near 36)
Adelaide Road at Wakefield Park
Adelaide Road at Duppa Street
Adelaide Road (near 500)
Berhampore Shops - Adelaide Road
Adelaide Road opposite Stoke Street
Adelaide Road at Hall Street (near 254)
Adelaide Road opposite Hospital Road
Adelaide Road (near 80)
Adelaide Road at Basin Reserve (near 12)
Cambridge Terrace at Barker Street
Cambridge Terrace at Vivian Street
Courtenay Place - Paramount
Courtenay Place at St James Theatre
Manners Street at Cuba Street (near 66)
Manners Street at Willis Street
Willis Street - Grand Arcade
Lambton Quay - Cable Car
Lambton Central (near 222)
Lambton Quay - North End - Stop I
Molesworth Street - Parliament - Stop E
Molesworth Street - Cathedral
Molesworth Street - New World
Queen Margaret College (school stop)
Wellington Station - Stop D
7:03 am 7:13 am7:28 am QM 7:38 am7:50 am 8:03 am 
7:04 am 7:14 am7:29 am QM 7:39 am7:51 am 8:04 am 
7:05 am 7:15 am7:30 am QM 7:40 am7:52 am 8:05 am 
7:06 am 7:16 am7:31 am QM 7:41 am7:53 am 8:06 am 
7:06 am 7:16 am7:31 am QM 7:41 am7:53 am 8:06 am 
7:07 am 7:17 am7:32 am QM 7:42 am7:54 am 8:07 am 
7:07 am 7:17 am7:32 am QM 7:42 am7:54 am 8:07 am 
7:08 am 7:18 am7:33 am QM 7:43 am7:55 am 8:08 am 
7:08 am 7:18 am7:33 am QM 7:43 am7:55 am 8:08 am 
7:09 am 7:19 am7:34 am QM 7:43 am7:56 am 8:09 am 
7:10 am 7:20 am7:35 am QM 7:44 am7:56 am 8:10 am 
7:10 am 7:20 am7:35 am QM 7:45 am7:57 am 8:10 am 
7:11 am 7:21 am7:36 am QM 7:46 am7:58 am 8:11 am 
7:12 am 7:22 am7:37 am QM 7:46 am7:58 am 8:12 am 
7:12 am 7:22 am7:37 am QM 7:47 am7:59 am 8:12 am 
7:13 am 7:23 am7:38 am QM 7:47 am7:59 am 8:13 am 
7:13 am 7:23 am7:38 am QM 7:47 am8:00 am 8:13 am 
7:14 am 7:24 am7:39 am QM 7:48 am8:01 am 8:14 am 
7:15 am 7:25 am7:40 am QM 7:49 am8:01 am 8:15 am 
7:16 am 7:26 am7:41 am QM 7:49 am8:02 am 8:16 am 
       8:05 am 8:30 am
       8:06 am 8:31 am
7:18 am 7:28 am7:43 am QM 7:51 am8:04 am8:07 am8:18 am8:32 am
7:19 am 7:29 am7:44 am QM 7:52 am8:05 am8:08 am8:19 am8:33 am
7:19 am 7:29 am7:44 am QM 7:53 am8:05 am8:08 am8:19 am8:34 am
7:20 am 7:30 am7:45 am QM 7:53 am8:06 am8:10 am8:20 am8:35 am
7:21 am7:25 am7:31 am7:46 am QM7:52 am7:54 am8:07 am8:10 am8:21 am8:36 am
7:22 am7:27 am7:32 am7:48 am QM7:54 am7:56 am8:09 am8:12 am8:23 am8:38 am
7:23 am7:27 am7:33 am7:48 am QM7:55 am7:57 am8:10 am8:13 am8:24 am8:38 am
7:23 am7:28 am7:33 am7:49 am QM7:56 am7:58 am8:11 am8:14 am8:25 am8:39 am
7:25 am7:30 am7:35 am7:51 am QM7:58 am8:00 am8:13 am8:16 am8:27 am8:41 am
7:26 am7:32 am7:36 am7:53 am QM8:00 am8:02 am8:15 am8:18 am8:29 am8:43 am
7:27 am7:33 am7:37 am7:54 am QM8:01 am8:03 am8:16 am8:19 am8:30 am8:45 am
7:28 am7:34 am7:38 am7:55 am QM8:02 am8:04 am8:17 am8:20 am8:31 am8:46 am
7:29 am7:35 am7:39 am7:56 am QM8:03 am8:05 am8:18 am8:21 am8:32 am8:47 am
7:30 am7:37 am7:40 am7:58 am QM8:05 am8:07 am8:20 am8:23 am8:34 am8:49 am
7:31 am7:37 am7:41 am7:58 am QM8:06 am8:08 am8:21 am8:24 am8:35 am8:49 am
7:32 am7:39 am7:42 am8:00 am QM8:08 am8:10 am8:23 am8:26 am8:37 am8:51 am
7:33 am7:40 am7:43 am8:01 am QM8:09 am8:11 am8:24 am8:27 am8:38 am8:52 am
7:35 am7:42 am7:45 am8:03 am QM8:11 am8:13 am8:26 am8:29 am8:40 am8:55 am
7:36 am7:44 am7:46 am8:05 am QM8:13 am8:15 am8:28 am8:31 am8:41 am8:56 am
7:38 am7:46 am7:48 am8:07 am QM8:15 am8:17 am8:30 am8:33 am8:43 am8:59 am
7:40 am7:48 am7:50 am8:09 am QM8:17 am8:19 am8:32 am8:35 am8:45 am9:01 am
7:40 am7:48 am7:50 am8:10 am QM8:18 am8:20 am8:33 am8:36 am8:46 am9:02 am
7:42 am7:50 am7:52 am8:12 am QM8:20 am8:22 am8:34 am8:37 am8:48 am9:04 am
7:43 am 7:53 am8:14 am QM 8:24 am8:36 am8:39 am8:49 am 
7:45 am 7:55 am8:16 am QM 8:26 am8:38 am8:41 am8:51 am 
7:46 am 7:56 am8:17 am QM 8:27 am8:39 am8:42 am8:52 am 
   8:22 am QM      
 7:52 am  8:22 am    9:06 am
  • QM - During school term continues on to Queen Margaret College

Relevant Service Updates 2

Holiday timetables for buses over Easter Weekend

Easter weekend is over Friday March 30 until Monday April 2, with some services running to a holiday timetable.… More Information

Valid from: 12:00am on Friday 30th March 2018
On our way to a new bus network for Greater Wellington

The coming months will see a major upgrade of Greater Wellington’s public transport network, the first major changes to our public transport services and infrastructure in 20 years.… More Information

Valid from: 12:00am on Wednesday 7th March 2018

Happy Valley - Wellington route

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