Lambton Central (Brandon Street) - Stop C
Lambton Central - Stop A
Lambton Quay North - Stop A
The Terrace at Bolton Street (near 25)
The Terrace at Aurora Terrace (near 85)
The Terrace at Dalmuir Lane
Salamanca Road at The Terrace
Victoria University - Stop B
Upland Road (near 39)
Kelburn Village - Upland Road (St Michael's)
Kelburn Normal School - Upland Rd (opposite)
Karori Tunnel - Stop B
Zealandia - Birdwood Street
Birdwood Street opposite Braithwaite Street
Messines Road at Braithwaite Street (near 1)
Messines Road (near 15)
Plymouth Street (near 3)
Duthie Street at Plymouth Street
Duthie Street at Hurman Street (near 71)
Croydon Street at Versailles Street
Croydon Street (near 49)
Campbell Street (near 136)
Campbell Street (near 106)
Verviers Street at Kano Street (near 39)
Beauchamp Street (near 76)
Beauchamp Street (near 60)
Beauchamp Street at Dasent Street
Karori Mall - Karori Road (opposite)
4:48 pm5:08 pm5:28 pm
4:48 pm5:08 pm5:28 pm
4:50 pm5:10 pm5:30 pm
4:52 pm5:12 pm5:32 pm
4:53 pm5:13 pm5:33 pm
4:54 pm5:14 pm5:34 pm
4:58 pm5:18 pm5:38 pm
5:01 pm5:21 pm5:41 pm
5:02 pm5:22 pm5:42 pm
5:03 pm5:23 pm5:43 pm
5:04 pm5:24 pm5:44 pm
5:05 pm5:25 pm5:45 pm
5:06 pm5:26 pm5:46 pm
5:07 pm5:27 pm5:47 pm
5:08 pm5:28 pm5:48 pm
5:08 pm5:28 pm5:48 pm
5:09 pm5:29 pm5:49 pm
5:10 pm5:30 pm5:50 pm
5:11 pm5:31 pm5:51 pm
5:12 pm5:32 pm5:52 pm
5:13 pm5:33 pm5:53 pm
5:14 pm5:34 pm5:54 pm
5:15 pm5:35 pm5:55 pm
5:15 pm5:35 pm5:55 pm
5:16 pm5:36 pm5:56 pm
5:16 pm5:36 pm5:56 pm
5:17 pm5:37 pm5:57 pm
5:19 pm5:39 pm5:59 pm
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Relevant Service Updates 1

Temporary bus hub by the Karori Tunnel – city side on Glenmore Street

Construction on the Karori Tunnel bus hub is not due to begin until late August.… More Information

Valid from: 6:00am on Sunday 15th July 2018

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Karori (Wrights Hill) - Kelburn - Brandon Street route

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