Karori South - Hazlewood Avenue (near 100)
Hazlewood Avenue (near 62)
Hazlewood Avenue (near 16)
Hazlewood Avenue (near 30)
Woodhouse Avenue (near 4)
Woodhouse Avenue (opposite 24)
Woodhouse Avenue at Parklands Drive
Parklands Drive (near 18)
Parklands Drive at Collier Avenue
Collier Avenue (near 20)
Karori Road opposite Richmond Avenue
Karori Road opposite St Teresa's School
Karori Mall - Karori Road
Karori Road at Reading Street
Karori Normal School - Karori Road (opposite)
Marsden Village - Karori Road
Karori Road at Standen Street
Chaytor Street opposite Joll Street
Chaytor Street at Curtis Street
Zealandia - Chaytor Street (at Tunnel)
Karori Tunnel - Stop A
Glenmore Street at Kelburn Viaduct
Glenmore Street at The Rigi
Glenmore Street at Orangi Kaupapa Road
Glenmore Street at Garden Road
Botanic Garden - Glenmore Street (opposite)
Tinakori Road at St Mary Street
Bowen Street (near 38)
Whitmore Street (temporary stop)
Lambton Central (Brandon Street) - Stop C
7:00 am 7:21 am7:37 am8:00 am8:20 am8:40 am
7:01 am 7:22 am7:38 am8:01 am8:21 am8:41 am
7:02 am 7:23 am7:39 am8:02 am8:22 am8:42 am
7:02 am 7:23 am7:39 am8:02 am8:22 am8:42 am
7:04 am 7:25 am7:41 am8:04 am8:24 am8:44 am
7:05 am 7:26 am7:42 am8:05 am8:25 am8:45 am
7:05 am 7:26 am7:43 am8:06 am8:25 am8:45 am
7:06 am 7:27 am7:43 am8:06 am8:26 am8:46 am
7:06 am 7:27 am7:44 am8:07 am8:26 am8:46 am
7:07 am 7:28 am7:45 am8:08 am8:27 am8:47 am
7:08 am 7:29 am7:46 am8:09 am8:28 am8:48 am
7:09 am 7:30 am7:47 am8:10 am8:29 am8:49 am
7:10 am7:28 am BB7:31 am7:48 am8:11 am8:30 am8:50 am
7:11 am7:29 am BB7:32 am7:49 am8:12 am8:31 am8:51 am
7:11 am7:29 am BB7:32 am7:49 am8:12 am8:31 am8:51 am
7:12 am7:30 am BB7:33 am7:50 am8:13 am8:32 am8:52 am
7:13 am7:31 am BB7:34 am7:52 am8:15 am8:33 am8:53 am
7:14 am7:32 am BB7:35 am7:53 am8:16 am8:34 am8:54 am
7:15 am7:33 am BB7:36 am7:54 am8:17 am8:35 am8:55 am
7:16 am7:34 am BB7:37 am7:55 am8:18 am8:36 am8:56 am
7:17 am7:35 am BB7:38 am7:56 am8:19 am8:37 am8:57 am
7:18 am7:36 am BB7:39 am7:57 am8:20 am8:38 am8:58 am
7:19 am7:37 am BB7:40 am7:58 am8:21 am8:39 am8:59 am
7:20 am7:38 am BB7:41 am7:59 am8:22 am8:40 am9:00 am
7:21 am7:39 am BB7:42 am8:00 am8:23 am8:41 am9:01 am
7:22 am7:40 am BB7:43 am8:01 am8:24 am8:42 am9:02 am
7:23 am7:41 am BB7:44 am8:02 am8:25 am8:43 am9:03 am
7:25 am7:43 am BB7:46 am8:04 am8:27 am8:45 am9:05 am
7:26 am7:44 am BB7:47 am8:05 am8:28 am8:46 am9:06 am
7:28 am7:46 am BB7:49 am8:07 am8:30 am8:48 am9:08 am
  • BB - Banker bus operates school term only
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Relevant Service Updates 2

Bus driver strike deferred to Thursday (25 Oct): Wellington, Hutt Valley & Porirua routes face disruption

Metlink has been advised that planned industrial action by the Tramways Union has been deferred until Thursday 25 October.… More Information

Valid from: 2:00am on Thursday 25th October 2018
Temporary bus hub by the Karori Tunnel – city side on Glenmore Street

Construction on the Karori Tunnel bus hub is not due to begin until late August.… More Information

Valid from: 6:00am on Sunday 15th July 2018

Karori South - Brandon Street route

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