Lambton Central (Brandon Street) - Stop C
Lambton Central - Stop A
Lambton Quay North - Stop A
Tinakori Road opposite St Mary Street
Glenmore Street at Botanic Garden
Glenmore Street (opposite 100)
Glenmore Street (near 147)
Glenmore Street (near 177)
Glenmore Street (near 205)
Karori Tunnel - Stop B
Zealandia - Chaytor Street (Appleton Park)
Chaytor Street opposite Curtis Street
Chaytor Street at Joll Street
Karori Road (near 93)
Karori Road at Lancaster Street
Karori Normal School - Karori Road
Karori Road (near 223)
Karori Mall - Karori Road (opposite)
Karori Road at St Teresa's School
Karori Road at Burrows Avenue
Collier Avenue (near 15)
Parklands Drive at Lynmouth Avenue
Parklands Drive at Landsdowne Terrace
Woodhouse Avenue opposite Parklands Drive
Woodhouse Avenue (near 24)
Woodhouse Avenue at South Karori Road
Hazlewood Avenue (near 33)
Hazlewood Avenue (near 23)
Hazlewood Avenue at Fitzgerald Place
Karori South - Hazlewood Avenue
4:05 pm4:35 pm5:00 pm5:20 pm5:40 pm6:10 pm
4:05 pm4:35 pm5:00 pm5:20 pm5:40 pm6:10 pm
4:06 pm4:36 pm5:01 pm5:21 pm5:41 pm6:11 pm
4:08 pm4:38 pm5:04 pm5:24 pm5:43 pm6:13 pm
4:09 pm4:39 pm5:05 pm5:25 pm5:44 pm6:13 pm
4:10 pm4:40 pm5:07 pm5:27 pm5:45 pm6:14 pm
4:11 pm4:41 pm5:08 pm5:28 pm5:46 pm6:15 pm
4:12 pm4:42 pm5:09 pm5:29 pm5:47 pm6:15 pm
4:12 pm4:42 pm5:09 pm5:29 pm5:47 pm6:15 pm
4:13 pm4:43 pm5:10 pm5:30 pm5:48 pm6:16 pm
4:14 pm4:44 pm5:11 pm5:31 pm5:49 pm6:17 pm
4:15 pm4:45 pm5:12 pm5:32 pm5:50 pm6:18 pm
4:15 pm4:46 pm5:13 pm5:33 pm5:50 pm6:19 pm
4:16 pm4:47 pm5:14 pm5:34 pm5:51 pm6:20 pm
4:17 pm4:48 pm5:15 pm5:35 pm5:52 pm6:21 pm
4:19 pm4:50 pm5:17 pm5:37 pm5:54 pm6:23 pm
4:19 pm4:50 pm5:17 pm5:37 pm5:54 pm6:23 pm
4:20 pm4:51 pm5:18 pm5:38 pm5:55 pm6:24 pm
4:21 pm4:52 pm5:19 pm5:39 pm5:56 pm6:25 pm
4:22 pm4:53 pm5:20 pm5:40 pm5:57 pm6:26 pm
4:23 pm4:54 pm5:21 pm5:41 pm5:58 pm6:27 pm
4:24 pm4:55 pm5:23 pm5:43 pm5:59 pm6:28 pm
4:25 pm4:56 pm5:23 pm5:43 pm6:00 pm6:29 pm
4:25 pm4:56 pm5:24 pm5:44 pm6:00 pm6:29 pm
4:26 pm4:57 pm5:25 pm5:45 pm6:01 pm6:30 pm
4:27 pm4:58 pm5:26 pm5:46 pm6:02 pm6:31 pm
4:29 pm5:00 pm5:28 pm5:48 pm6:04 pm6:33 pm
4:30 pm5:01 pm5:29 pm5:49 pm6:05 pm6:34 pm
4:31 pm5:02 pm5:30 pm5:50 pm6:06 pm6:35 pm
4:32 pm5:03 pm5:31 pm5:51 pm6:07 pm6:36 pm
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Karori South - Brandon Street route

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