Peak extension service for Bus 23

Extension service for Bus 23 - Peak time trips extending to and from Wellington 

Wellington Station - Stop A
Lambton Quay North - Stop D
Lambton Central - Stop B
Lambton Quay at Hunter Street
Willis Street at Willbank Court
Manners Street at Cuba Street - Stop B
Courtenay Place at Courtenay Central
Courtenay Place - Stop C
Kent Terrace at Pirie Street
Kent Terrace at Basin Reserve
Adelaide Road at Basin Reserve (near 13)
Adelaide Road at Broomhedge Street
Adelaide Road at Hospital Road
Wellington Hospital - Stop C
Riddiford Street at Newtown Shops (near 157)
Riddiford Street near Donald Mclean Street
Mansfield Street at Horner Street
Mansfield Street at Roy Street (near 311)
Wellington Zoo - Stop B
Manchester Street at Caprera Street
Sutherland Road at Rodrigo Road
Hornsey Road opposite Auckland Terrace
Hornsey Road at Sunglow Avenue (near 47)
Hornsey Road (near 65)
Hornsey Road (opposite 50)
Houghton Bay Road at Hornsey Road (near 57)
View Road at Houghton Bay Road
View Road (near 33)
View Road opposite Twomey Grove
View Road at Hungerford Road (near 97)
Hungerford Road at Houghton Bay Road
Houghton Bay - Houghton Bay Road
3:10 pm4:04 pm4:24 pm4:44 pm5:04 pm5:24 pm5:50 pm6:20 pm6:50 pm
3:11 pm4:05 pm4:26 pm4:46 pm5:06 pm5:26 pm5:52 pm6:21 pm6:51 pm
3:13 pm4:07 pm4:28 pm4:48 pm5:08 pm5:28 pm5:54 pm6:24 pm6:54 pm
3:14 pm4:08 pm4:30 pm4:50 pm5:10 pm5:30 pm5:56 pm6:25 pm6:55 pm
3:17 pm4:11 pm4:32 pm4:52 pm5:12 pm5:32 pm5:58 pm6:27 pm6:57 pm
3:19 pm4:13 pm4:35 pm4:55 pm5:15 pm5:35 pm6:01 pm6:29 pm6:59 pm
3:21 pm4:15 pm4:37 pm4:57 pm5:17 pm5:37 pm6:03 pm6:31 pm7:01 pm
3:22 pm4:16 pm4:39 pm4:59 pm5:19 pm5:39 pm6:05 pm6:33 pm7:03 pm
3:25 pm4:18 pm4:41 pm5:01 pm5:21 pm5:41 pm6:07 pm6:35 pm7:05 pm
3:26 pm4:19 pm4:42 pm5:02 pm5:22 pm5:42 pm6:08 pm6:36 pm7:06 pm
3:29 pm4:21 pm4:44 pm5:04 pm5:24 pm5:44 pm6:10 pm6:38 pm7:08 pm
3:31 pm4:22 pm4:46 pm5:06 pm5:26 pm5:46 pm6:12 pm6:39 pm7:09 pm
3:33 pm4:23 pm4:47 pm5:07 pm5:27 pm5:47 pm6:13 pm6:40 pm7:10 pm
3:34 pm4:24 pm4:48 pm5:08 pm5:28 pm5:48 pm6:14 pm6:41 pm7:11 pm
3:36 pm4:27 pm4:50 pm5:11 pm5:31 pm5:51 pm6:17 pm6:43 pm7:13 pm
3:38 pm4:28 pm4:51 pm5:12 pm5:32 pm5:52 pm6:18 pm6:44 pm7:14 pm
3:39 pm4:30 pm4:52 pm5:14 pm5:34 pm5:54 pm6:20 pm6:45 pm7:15 pm
3:40 pm4:30 pm4:53 pm5:14 pm5:34 pm5:54 pm6:20 pm6:46 pm7:16 pm
3:41 pm4:32 pm4:54 pm5:16 pm5:36 pm5:56 pm6:22 pm6:47 pm7:17 pm
3:43 pm4:34 pm4:56 pm5:18 pm5:38 pm5:58 pm6:24 pm6:49 pm7:19 pm
3:45 pm4:35 pm4:57 pm5:19 pm5:40 pm6:00 pm6:26 pm6:50 pm7:20 pm
3:47 pm4:37 pm4:59 pm5:21 pm5:42 pm6:02 pm6:28 pm6:52 pm7:22 pm
3:48 pm4:38 pm5:00 pm5:22 pm5:43 pm6:03 pm6:29 pm6:53 pm7:23 pm
3:49 pm4:39 pm5:01 pm5:23 pm5:44 pm6:04 pm6:30 pm6:55 pm7:25 pm
3:50 pm4:39 pm5:01 pm5:24 pm5:45 pm6:05 pm6:31 pm6:55 pm7:25 pm
3:51 pm4:40 pm5:02 pm5:25 pm5:46 pm6:06 pm6:32 pm6:56 pm7:26 pm
3:53 pm4:41 pm5:03 pm5:26 pm5:48 pm6:08 pm6:34 pm6:58 pm7:28 pm
3:54 pm4:42 pm5:04 pm5:27 pm5:49 pm6:09 pm6:35 pm6:58 pm7:28 pm
3:55 pm4:43 pm5:05 pm5:28 pm5:50 pm6:10 pm6:36 pm6:59 pm7:29 pm
3:56 pm4:44 pm5:06 pm5:28 pm5:51 pm6:11 pm6:37 pm7:00 pm7:30 pm
3:57 pm4:45 pm5:07 pm5:29 pm5:52 pm6:12 pm6:38 pm7:01 pm7:31 pm
3:59 pm4:46 pm5:08 pm5:31 pm5:54 pm6:14 pm6:40 pm7:03 pm7:33 pm
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Peak extension service for Bus 23

Extension service for Bus 23 - Peak time trips extending to and from Wellington 

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Houghton Bay - Newtown - Wellington route

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